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BBC: IPTV shouldn't be restricted to YouView

YouView - out in 2012
YouView - out in 2012

The BBC has revealed that YouView shouldn't be the main way consumers get access to BBC web content through a TV, as it believes that there should be a multitude of choice in the industry.

Speaking at the DTG Summit 2011 in London, Roly Keating, BBC director of archive content and executive editor of online, explained: "We want the broadest possible [choice] of routes to deliver connected content. YouView is one, but we want to work with the whole industry."

Beyond apps

As the BBC is a partner in YouView, an IPTV over set-top box service that has had numerous delays and will now be out in 2012, most thought that this is where the BBC will be pushing its connected content to the mainstream – but this does not seem to be entirely the case.

Although it will be a big part, the BBC is also looking closely at using its own Red Button Service alongside the EPG and also wants other manufacturers to come up with ideas for connected television.

There are numerous TV manufacturers which currently offer app access to iPlayer but Keating feels that better integration is still needed that "goes beyond VOD and apps" for internet over TV to become mass market.