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Amazon tablet announcement pegged for 28 September?

Amazon tablet announcement pegged for 27 September?
Amazon tablet - successor to the Kindle nears

Amazon looks set to unveil its first foray into the tablet market this week, with a press conference pencilled in for Wednesday that's likely to include an Amazon tablet announcement.

There's been much rumour and speculation that the e-shopping site is set to reveal a rival to the iPad, which will clock in at a much cheaper price and run Android.

It is reported that the Amazon tablet is likely to have a 7-inch screen and link into Amazon's many web properties, including its Kindle service and the Amazon App Store.

Tablet talk

Because of this, it is unlikely that an Amazon tablet UK release date will be announced. For a start, we still don't have access to the App Store – although a loophole last week saw the store open up to non-US customers.

There have been plenty of rivals to the Apple iPad, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab and more recently the Sony Tablet S, but if Amazon can deliver on the price point and monopolise on its already decent web store, then we could have a proper tablet fight on our hands come Christmas.

There's been too many rumours not to make an announcement this week a dead cert.

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Via Market Watch