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Sony just extended PS4 Remote Play to Android phones

PS4 Xperia Remote Play
For those who have an Xperia Z3 but not a PS Vita

Remote Play is one of the most interesting features of the PS4, letting users stream games from the console to other platforms.

The feature gave the PS Vita a much-needed boost, and now it's arrived on Android via a just-released update to the PlayStation App.

There's one caveat, and it's a big one: Remote Play for Android currently works only on Sony Xperia Z3 devices, like the Xperia Z3 phone and Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact.

And unfortunately Sony has already confessed it has no plans to add Remote Play to other Android devices.

Don't forget the mount

Sony has also released a GCM10 GAME Control Mount that snaps to the PS4's DualShock 4 controller and uses suction to suspend an Xperia device above your hands.

The video above has a demonstration, plus a condescending and stereotypical depiction of a pesky girlfriend getting in the way of hardcore gaming (as they do).

To take advantage of PS4 Remote Play update the console and the PlayStation App to the latest versions.

Via Talk Android