Where to buy the new PS5 console covers: release date, price and where to buy

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Sony finally announced official PS5 covers at the end of last year, giving you the opportunity to customise the color of your console's faceplate. In a post on the official PlayStation Blog, five new PS5 covers were revealed for the standard console and Digital Edition that can liven up the original plain white design.

The Midnight Black and Cosmic Red variants were made available first from the PlayStation Direct store on January 21, and you can order them now for $54.99/£45.99. 

These two will then go on a wider release at other retailers from February 18. The three other colors – that's Nova Pink, Starlight Blue and Galactic Purple – will launch later in 2022.

The release of these official PS5 covers comes after Sony took legal action against a peripheral company selling third-party custom faceplates back in November 2020. 

This forced the company to cancel all existing orders and pull all of the faceplates from sale. Almost one year later, Sony would secure a patent to sell its own PS5 faceplates, which brings us to today and the launch of its official PS5 console covers in Midnight Black and Cosmic Red, with more scheduled to launch later in 2022. 

If you fancy getting one for yourself to spruce up your console, or you've just bought a console through our PS5 restock hub, here's where to buy the PS5 covers right now.

The full range of PS5 console covers in red, purple, black, blue and pink

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PS5 console covers - where to buy in the US

Only the PlayStation Direct store in the US is currently taking orders for the new PS5 covers for $54.99 following today's January 21 launch. You can choose between Midnight Black and Cosmic Red for either the standard PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition. As soon as other retailers list the PS5 covers for sale we'll add them below.

PS5 Console Covers: $54.99 at PlayStation Direct

PS5 Console Covers: $54.99 at PlayStation Direct
The official PlayStation Direct store is the first place to stock the PS5 Console Covers from January 21. Priced at $54.99 each, you can currently only order the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red colors. Versions that are compatible with the standard PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition are both available. Other colors are expected later in early 2022.

PS5 console covers - where to buy in the UK

As with the US, the only place to order the upcoming PS5 console covers is the PlayStation Direct store. Launched on January 21, both the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red versions can be purchased for the PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition at £45.99. You'll be able to order from other retailers once the new PS5 accessories go on a wide release from February 18. The remaining three colors go on sale later in 2022.

PS5 Console Covers: £45.99 at PlayStation Direct

PS5 Console Covers: £45.99 at PlayStation Direct
This is the only place where you can currently order the PS5 console covers in the UK. Stock for the Midnight Black and Cosmic Black varients was made available for the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition from PlayStation Direct on January 21. A wider release will follow at other retailers from February 18 and then the remaining three colors will go on sale later in 2022.

The news of these PS5 console covers came alongside the announcement of three new PS5 DualSense controller colors. If you're looking for the best price on those, we monitor all the cheapest PS5 controller deals every month. You can also find discounted games, accessories and more in our PS5 deals hub.

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