IPTV in 1.5 million homes by 2011

Five per cent of the UK population will be watching IPTV services by 2011

Five per cent of UK households will be watching IPTV within the next few years, new research from the Centre for Telecoms Research (CTR) suggests.

Thanks to better broadband speeds and the release of IPTV set top boxes, some 1.5 million UK households - or 5 per cent of the UK population - will be watching TV over an internet connection by 2011, the CTR study stated. Currently, about 80,000 people in the UK say they watch IPTV regularly.

"IPTV is set to become a mass market proposition over the next five years. The recent launches of IPTV products by BT and Tiscali are testament to the fact that ISPs will now put their full force behind marketing these services," said Raj Modi, CTR research director, in a statement.

The report also predicted 85 per cent of UK households would have a personal computer by 2011. There will be 20 million UK broadband connections, with 90 per cent reaching speeds above 2Mbit/s - up significantly from the 33 per cent that offered such speeds in 2006.