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3 throws mobile internet to PAYG customers

3 dongle
No need for line rental...hurrah!

UK network operator 3 has extended its mobile broadband service to its pay as you go customer base in a bid to extend its already growing mobile broadband business.

The Starter Kits, which include a Mobile Broadband ZTE or Huawei e220 dongle pre-loaded with data, come with a certain amount of credit.

3 says this move is designed to get consumers up and running with mobile broadband easily and with little set-up hassle.

Variety of flavours

The kits are available over a 3, 12 or 24 month period, and can be topped up by buying additional data allowance or broadband add-ons through 3.

Each pack comes with the equivalent amount of data in gigabytes as the time one has to use it, so a three-month service pack comes with a 3GB allowance, costing £69.99, the 12-month has 12GB over the period and costs £149.99, and the 24-month package which, wait for it, allows 24GB of data, costs £249.99.

Essentially you’re getting 1GB of data per month, and the saving comes in buying the data in bulk. All are available through 3, which hardly comes as a shock.