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LG debuts Blu-ray/HD DVD high-def desktop PC

LG's newly announced desktop system is the first to use its Super Multi Blue hybrid HD TV drive.

We've heard plenty about the fabled dual-format high-definition optical PC drive from LG of Korea over the last year or so but it's taken until now for the beast to turn up in a real-life product.

Unsurprisingly, the first computer to come packing the Blu-ray/HD DVD combo Super Multi Blue drive is from LG itself - the LX97WH, which was shown in Asia yesterday.

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While specs and pricing appear unclear for now, we can tell you that the new machine comes in a slimline 8.9cm desktop case and includes a Core 2 Duo CPU from Intel, an Nvidia GeForce 8 video card and a ton of red paint for some reason.

Considering that the PC is likely to cost considerably more than comparably specced single-format machines, it seems a little disappointing that its HD DVD element is limited by the absence of the full range of functionality. It might be prudent to wait for the certain revision that will include iHD interactive menus.