Amazon has dropped the cheapest Samsung A40 deal yet - pay less than £200

Samsung Galaxy A40 deals
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Out of the numerous amount of phones Samsung has managed to release in 2019, the Samsung Galaxy A40 appears towards the budget end of the spectrum. So, when we spotted that Amazon had dropped the cheapest price yet on the handset, that felt like cause for celebration.

Well, at least those looking to land themselves a new budget phone should be celebrating, seeing as this deal looks like one of the best budget phone contracts around right now, coming in at a cost of just £198.50. That's less than you currently have to pay for its supposedly cheaper brother - the A30.

Packed full of Samsung's impressive hardware, fronted by a Full HD+ screen and powered by 4GB of ram and a 3100mAh battery - this is a powerful piece of tech, punching way above the price you're paying.

You can see this Samsung Galaxy A40 price in full down below. But, while Amazon hasn't listed an end date, we would advise not leaving this offer too long, this is the cheapest price available and could disappear in the near future. 

This cheap Samsung Galaxy A40 deal:

Samsung Galaxy A40: £219 £198.50 at Amazon
Samsung's new 'A' series devices have brought affordability to the manufacturer's name. You're getting all of the style and finesse of Samsung's phones while cutting the price all the way down to just under £200. Not to mention, this is the best price currently available on this device.
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What is the Samsung Galaxy A40 like?

Scoring yourself a brand new Samsung device for under £200 is a real achievement. Even though the Galaxy A40 is one of the weaker 'A' devices, it still packs a sizeable Full HD+ screen, a headphone jack, a finger-print scanner and some decent cameras. All features that are surprising at price tags like this.

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