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Amazon Black Friday deals

Amazon Black Friday

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The 2022 edition of Black Friday weekend has ended. The biggest sales period of the year might have drawn to a close, but there are still deals available at Amazon today if you're in the market for a last-minute deal.

Below, you'll find some of the best Amazon Black Friday deals that are still live now. From phones and laptops, to video games and fitness equipment, and even cameras and headphones, there are lots of savings to be had. So, if you missed the rush between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (we won't judge you if you just wanted to relax over the long weekend), you can still pick up a great offer.

If you're looking for a truly exceptional offer, look at our 50 best Amazon Black Friday deals page to get the latest on discounts across a range of items. Alternatively, check out our guide on 67 brilliant Amazon Cyber Monday deals if you're after something with a more up-to-date price cut.

Not interested in clicking through on those links? No problem. Read on to see what Amazon Black Friday deals are left to pick up. You can use the navigation bar on the left side of this article to skip to the products you want to look at.

Amazon Black Friday deals: quick links

Today's best early Amazon Black Friday deals

Amazon Black Friday deals 2022: Laptops


Asus Chromebook CX1500: £280 £189 at Amazon
We like to call this the Chromebook for people who are more used to Windows laptops. With a 15.6-inch screen, large trackpad, and comfortable keyboard, the CX1500 feels like a good-quality conventional laptop. It's not the most powerful Chromebook out there, but the Intel Celeron CPU is perfectly capable of handling everyday workloads.

SGIN X15: £1,024.99

SGIN X15: £1,024.99 £399.99 at Amazon
SGIN isn't one of the better-known laptop brands out there, so you won't be getting quite the same level of build quality compared to big hitters like Asus and Dell, but considering the specs on offer here the SGIN X15 is frankly a ridiculous deal this Black Friday. It uses a 2021 Intel Celeron CPU so it won't be as fast as some more expensive laptops, but with plenty of storage and a range of physical ports, this is a stellar deal for just £300.


M2 Apple MacBook Air 13-inch (2022): £1,249 £1,119 at Amazon
Another discount on a recently-released M2 MacBook, this time the Air version with 8GB of RAM and a 256GB drive. At 10% off, this sale is fairly modest, but saving over a hundred quid on a brand-new MacBook Air equipped with Apple's latest processor is still a sound deal in our books.

Razer Blade 14: £1,680.10

Razer Blade 14: £1,680.10 £1,549 at Amazon
Save over £130 on this premium gaming notebook from Razer this Black Friday. If you want a powerful gaming laptop but don't like how bulky most models are, this is simply the most compact laptop you can get without compromising on power. An RTX 3070 GPU and AMD Ryzen 9 processor makes the Blade 14 an incredible gaming machine, with an ultra-vibrant QHD screen to boot.

Amazon Black Friday deals 2022: TVs

LG 55-inch CS series 4K OLED TV: was

LG 55-inch CS series 4K OLED TV: was £949 now £847 at Amazon
At just £847, this is a great Amazon Black Friday deal on LG's CS series OLED TV. The set sports the company's latest a9 Gen 5 AI Processor, and it has support for Dolby Vision IQ HDR and Dolby Atmos sound. With a native 120Hz display, it's also a great option for gaming, and LG packs in VRR, ALLM, G-SYNC, and AMD FreeSync Premium to round out the set's gamer-friendly features.

LG 55-inch QNED816 4K TV: was £1,149

LG 55-inch QNED816 4K TV: was £1,149 now £649.00 at Amazon
A £500 price cut on this LG 55-inch QNED TV gives gamers an opportunity to scoop up a cheap but great TV to use with their PS5. QNED is LG's way of saying the set has quantum dots for enhanced color, and it also supports 120 Hz video input and VRR. LG's webOS platform provides the streaming smarts, and you can also control the TV via Google Assistant and Alexa voice commands.


LG C2 48-inch OLED 4K TV : was £1,399 now £899 at Amazon
If you're looking for an excellent deal on our favourite all rounder LG OLED before Black Friday truly begins, you've found it. We didn't rate the LG C2 five stars for nothing – the picture quality is exceptional. The C2 has a sleek minimal design, great connectivity, and brilliant gaming credentials with four HDMI 2.1 ports to take advantage of the new gen consoles. And the 48-inch model means it won't even take up too much room.


Chromecast with Google TV streaming stickwas £59.99 now £39 at Amazon
Save 35% on this streaming stick with a deal that you'll find hard to beat. You know what you're getting with a Google product – quality production and plenty of entertainment for a fairly budget price, which isn't something to turn your nose up at. With over 400,000 films and TV shows, plus millions of songs, at your fingertips (or your lips – Chromecast comes equipped with voice command controls), you'll find lots here to keep you busy over the holiday season. Read more in our Chromecast with Google TV review.

Amazon Black Friday deals 2022: Headphones

Sony WF-C500 Wireless Earbuds: £90

Sony WF-C500 Wireless Earbuds: £90 £49 at Amazon
Under intense review, we called these Sony earbuds "great value for money" – but that was at the full asking price. With 45% off, we think they're an absolute steal and then some. Yes, 20 hours of battery life can be bettered – but 10 hours from the buds alone certainly can't at this price point. They're also light and comfortable, providing an exciting, musical sound. Oh, and we've never seen them this cheap – until now. 

Wireless Headphones: £380

Sony WH-1000XM5 Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones: £380 £299 at Amazon
Quite simply the newest and best in Sony's class-leading wireless over-ear lineup. The older XM4 were outstanding and the XM3 before it were excellent, so it'll come as little surprise to know that Sony's latest XM5 proposition are also incredibly hard to beat – especially with a whopping 21% off. They've only been as cheap as this once before - and these cans only launched in May 2022. Our advice? This is a top deal on a winning pair of new noise-cancelling headphones. 


Sony LinkBuds S earbuds: £180 £119 at Amazon
Exceptionally small, light, comfortable earpieces with a great control app plus a slew of well-implemented on-ear control options. They're not the most dynamic or zealous listen we've ever heard, but for this money the sound is still up there with the best in show. They're currently 34% off, and although we briefly (very briefly) saw them dip to one penny below £100 in October, at this price they're a solid bet from a trusted name in audio – particularly if you have smaller ears.

Jabra Elite 85t: £219.99

Jabra Elite 85t: £219.99 £169.99 at Amazon
Amazon has slashed the price of the Jabra Elite 85t true wireless earbuds to just £169. That equals the lowest-ever price and is an impressive £51 saving on these top-quality buds. Available in 5 different colours and the recipient of a highly respectable four-star review from this publication, not only are the Jabra Elite 85t a stylish pair of earbuds, but they also provide excellent audio performance, effective noise cancellation and are a great alternative to Airpods.


Sony LinkBuds S earbuds: £180 £119 at Amazon
Exceptionally small, light, comfortable earpieces with a great control app plus a slew of well-implemented on-ear control options. They're not the most dynamic or zealous listen we've ever heard, but for this money the sound is still up there with the best in show. They're currently 34% off, and although we briefly (very briefly) saw them dip to one penny below £100 in October, at this price they're a solid bet from a trusted name in audio – particularly if you have smaller ears.


Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro £219 £189 at Amazon
The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro only arrived in stores on August 26, and this is the first time we've seen them discounted. They're small, they're comfortable, the two-way speaker design provides impressive and detailed 24-bit audio and the ANC is seriously good for this level. The one downside is the battery life, at only 5 hours from the buds and up to 18 in the case. Our advice? If you're a Samsung Galaxy smartphone owner, they're a no-brainer at this new low price… 


Marshall Acton II: was £239.99 now £149 at Amazon
It's slightly bigger than your average Bluetooth speaker (although that is 100% what it is) and it looks for all the world like a rockin' guitar amp. That is to say, it's gorgeous – and at this price for Black Friday, it's even more tempting. It's got Bluetooth 5.0 onboard but note that it does need to be plugged in, so you can't take it to the beach. Although we have seen it drop slightly cheaper (it was once listed at £139) we still think it's an awfully lovely thing for this money… 

Amazon Black Friday deals 2022: Amazon devices


Echo Dot (4th Gen): was £49.99 now £19.99 at Amazon
Amazon's latest generation Echo Dot smart speaker is back on sale with a £30 saving - that makes it the cheapest we've seen it. In our Echo Dot review, we found it to be reasonably loud and a cheap way to get some smart home tech. You can use it to control your smart home setup, as well as play music, check the weather, set timers, and more, all with simple voice commands.

Fire TV Stick 4K: was

Fire TV Stick 4K: was £49.99 now £27.99 at Amazon
To stream shows and movies in 4K you need to upgrade to the fittingly-named Fire TV Stick 4K. Today's deal is fine, but we have seen this version of the streaming stick for as low as £24.99 in the past. It's likely that this cheaper offer won't return given the current economic climate, so this is the best price we'll see for the rest of the year.

Fire Stick 4K Max: was

Fire Stick 4K Max: was £54.99 now £37.99 at Amazon
This more premium version of Amazon's streaming stick is 40% more powerful than the standard 4K version. All that really means is that it'll still stream the same content in the same quality, but the better spec means it's faster when navigating apps and can make use of WiFi 6 technology to give you a more stable streaming experience. It has been as low as £36.99 before but this is so close that it's fine to buy today.

Fire Tablet 7 (16GB): was

Fire Tablet 7 (16GB): was £59.99 now £31.99 at Amazon
The brand new version of Amazon's entry-level Fire 7 Tablet is now down to its lowest-ever price. As a basic device for light browsing and streaming with a 7-hour battery life, it's exceptional value for money after this saving of around £30. Definitely consider the upgrade to a Fire Tablet 7 with 32GB of storage for just £10 more, should you want more space for files and apps.

Amazon Black Friday deals 2022: Health & Home

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9000: was

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9000: was £569.99 now £219.99 at Amazon
Four modes, three intensities, two premium-looking glass charger bases, and 14 days of battery life, the Diamondclean 9000 seems like a so-so buy at its frankly ridiculous full price. It's good, but not nearly £600 good, and you'd be better off with something cheaper. Fortunately, this deal, cutting it down to under £200, makes it a fantastic Black Friday purchase. 

Miele Classic C1 Junior Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner: was

Miele Classic C1 Junior Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner: was £189 now £149 at Amazon
Miele's bomb-proof vacuums are regularly included in our best vacuum cleaner guide thanks to their superb build quality and rock-solid reliability. The C1 Junior is a powerful compact model with 800W of power, AirClean filtering and a large 4.5L dustbag. It's designed for all floor types and the 9m cord makes it a good choice for even big rooms.

Ewbank FP90 Lightweight Cordless Polisher & Cleaner, Buffer and Scrubber: was

Ewbank FP90 Lightweight Cordless Polisher & Cleaner, Buffer and Scrubber: was £119.99 now £99.99 at Amazon
This multi-purpose, multi-surface polisher, scrubber and buffer can refresh your hard floors, laminate, wood, vinyl, marble, granite, plastic and more, and it's from a firm with over 140 years in the cleaning business. It's cordless for convenience, delivering up to 35 minutes from a single charge.

Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee Machine by Krups: was

Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee Machine by Krups: was £167.99 now £69 at Amazon
For its slim size (5.6-inches across), the Nespresso Vertuo Next is versatile and super easy to use. It makes beautifully smooth espressos and americanos, and you can choose five different cup sizes ranging from espresso to a 41ml drink. Amazon had this Krups model at £100 last week, and it's now down to £69 – just shy of the retailer's lowest-ever price. Stock is limited, but if it runs out, the Magimix model is also available for the same price

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee and Espresso Maker by Krups: was

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee and Espresso Maker by Krups: was £199.99 now £127 at Amazon
Similar to the Nespresso Vertuo Next, the Vertuo Plus can make 5, 8, 14 or 18 oz coffees and espressos, but the difference here is that the Plus has an automatic open for pods and a rotating water tank. You'll lose out on the Next's Wi-Fi connectivity, mind, but your water (and therefore your coffee) will stay fresher. £127 is a great deal for this particular model ahead of Black Friday, but its price has dropped to as low as £80 in recent weeks.

Tassimo Bosch My Way 2 Coffee Machine: was

Tassimo Bosch My Way 2 Coffee Machine: was £99.99 now £65 at Amazon
The Tassimo Bosch My Way 2 lets you set the intensity, size and strength of your coffee as you like it. The machine's Intellibrew technology is capable of brewing over 50 drinks from 11 well-known brands, and its Brita water filtration technology ensures the best flavour is maintained. The My Way 2 auto-cleans between drinks, too, which prevents flavours mixing between cups. At just £65, this is a great choice for those with limited counter space.

Breville Bijou Espresso Machine: was

Breville Bijou Espresso Machine: was £219.99 now £149 at Amazon
Breville's automatic (or manual) Bijou espresso machine has never been cheaper on Amazon. For less than half price right now, you'll get a 15-bar pressure pump, double wall filter baskets and a steam wand for making lattes, flat whites and cappuccinos. In other words, this is a jack-of-all-trades coffee machine, and we don't expect this deal to hang around for long. 

De'Longhi La Specialista Barista Pump Espresso Machine: was

De'Longhi La Specialista Barista Pump Espresso Machine: was £529.99 now £434.16 at Amazon
De'Longhi's La Specialista coffee machine is intended for serious coffee aficionados (its name literally translates to The Specialist). With this cafe-grade model, you'll get sensor grinding technology (with grind settings to manage different types of coffee beans), a smart tamping station and even active temperature control, which ensures your coffee is being brewed at the optimal temperature. Sure, £435-ish is still expensive for a coffee machine – but Amazon's discount is not to be sniffed at given the features on offer here. 

Amazon Black Friday deals 2022: Phones

Oppo A16s (64GB, Black):  £179

Oppo A16s (64GB, Black): £179 £99.99 at Amazon
The Oppo A16s is a bargain in this Amazon Black Friday deal that knocks it down to double-digit pricing. This is the lowest we've seen it go, and while it's a low end phone, it has a large 5,000mAh battery and a triple-lens camera, so there are some solid specs here for the money.

OnePlus Nord 2 5G (8GB/128GB, Grey Sierra):  £399

OnePlus Nord 2 5G (8GB/128GB, Grey Sierra): £399 £369 at Amazon
This Black Friday OnePlus Nord 2 5G deal offers a small saving on the mid-range handset, bringing it down to a fairly cheap price. For the money you're getting a phone with fast 65W charging, along with performance and cameras which impressed us. So while this isn't one of the company's top phones, it gives you a fairly high-end experience in a lot of ways.

Amazon Black Friday deals 2022: Cameras

Nikon Z fc with 16-50mm kit lens: £1,089

Nikon Z fc with 16-50mm kit lens: £1,089 £859 at Amazon
This Black Friday deal takes the Nikon Z fc's kit lens bundle down to its joint lowest-ever price. One of the most stylish cameras around, the Z fc is perfect for street shooting or travel photography, thanks to its excellent 20.9MP APS-C sensor, useful vari-angle touchscreen and compact design. 

Nikon Z6 II: £2,099

Nikon Z6 II: £2,099 £1,769 at Amazon
The Z6 II is one of the best full-frame cameras we've tested and we it hasn't been cheaper than this during 2022 (and only rarely before that). Nikon's all-rounder has the lot, including excellent image quality, impressive image stabilization and best-in-class build quality. Nikon's line of Z-mount lenses has also matured nicely since it launched.

Amazon Black Friday deals 2022: Games

Amazon Black Friday deals: key information

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock, leaked by Twitter user SnoopyTech

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When will Amazon Black Friday deals begin?

 Black Friday is over for another year, but there are still lots of deals available – we’re rounding them up in our best Black Friday Amazon deals page.

When are the best Amazon Black Friday deals available?

On top of Amazon-own devices, there were some great offers on budget TVs from JVC with up to £80 lobbed off the price. There were also 50% savings to be hdad across a number of cordless Shark vacuum cleaners. 

Another standout of the year was on Apple goods, something that consumers inevitably lap up when you consider how stingy the Californian tech giant is about deducting prices via its official store. The Apple AirPods Pro were hot commodity, going for £185 - this price including the new MagSafe wireless charging case. Then there was 2020's Apple Watch Series 6, with a jammy £130 price slash. The 2021 iPad Mini also saw its first discount of a not-too-shabby £20, while the iPad Pro could be purchased with a £50 off all storage capacities.

And when could you make the most of Amazon Black Friday deals like these? Well before Black Friday itself. While we've usually lead with the advice in the past to execute some patience and see what the day brings for the lowest possible prices, we'd actually suggest snapping up high ticketed goods, especially those on technology and other electricals and appliances, when you see them. 

The prices aren't likely to get much lower, with Amazon UK kicking its Black Friday sales off in early November. That said, it's definitely worth checking back on the official date to see what other bargains you can snatch up, with huge price cuts on designer clothing brands, and other items great for bringing some cheer to the upcoming festive period.

For more insight into what to expect from the Amazon Black Friday sale in 2022, keep reading and bookmark this page to check back as we countdown to another sale extravaganza.

Amazon Black Friday deals: Our predictions

Spilt popcorn next to smartphone with Prime Video logo

(Image credit: xalien/Shudderstock)

What Amazon Black Friday deals can we expect in 2022?

If 2021 was anything to go by, next year's Amazon Black Friday sale will be the first instance in which we see some of the first big price slashes on new models unveiled by the likes of Apple. The Apple Watch Series 7 was announced on October 15, 2021 and its Amazon Black Friday price saw a decent saving available of £20. While not life-changing money, considering Apple never reduces its own products, this is incredible for such a new product.

The same was seen across both Apples AirPods and AirPods Pro, including the new Mag-Safe wireless charging case. You could also get 2021 iPad models discounted, as well as M1-chip equipped MacBook Pro laptops. We'd expect to see similar again, with Amazon Black Friday deals leading the charge on those first big price drops on the latest tech.

Black Friday is also known for being a great opportunity to get yourself a cordless vacuum cleaner. We saw significant savings across both Shark and Vax models, with a variety of attachments and specifications to meet your household needs.

Audiophiles can also expect it to be another great year for headphones. Every year Sony's class-leading headphones receive hefty price drops, with the WH-1000XM3 and XM4 both massively down in price.

Best-selling items affected by supply shortages?

Taking into consideration what we saw across Amazon in both its UK and US markets, UK warehouses actually seemed well equipped to meet demand for online shoppers across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland unlike those Stateside, where some of Black Friday's most popular goods were constantly displaying as 'Currently Unavailable'. It seems not even the Extinction Rebellion could slow Amazon down...

Meanwhile Amazon UK maintained its stock, allowing customers to benefit from first-time savings on the latest model of the Kindle Paperwhite, as well as the 4th Generation Echo Dot. The Fire TV Stick Lite was also down to its lowest ever price at £14.99.

Last year's Amazon Black Friday deals

One of the ways to know what kind of deals to expect in the coming Amazon Black Friday sale is taking a trip down memory lane and seeing what kind of offers were available last year. From goods bundled together to exceptional price drops, you can see what brands, models, and savings were there to be had last year, which you can expect more of in 2022.


Echo Dot (4th generation): £49.99 £28.99 at Amazon
Save £21
– This Black Friday deal on the latest Echo Dot is just £4 more than the cheapest price we saw during this year's Prime Day. It's understandable, given Amazon usually reserves the biggest discounts on its own devices for its own sales event. Outside of that, we haven't seen the versatile and affordable smart speaker for less since last year's Black Friday.


Echo Show 5: £74.99 £39.99 at Amazon
Save £35
– This is the cheapest you'll find this smart display anywhere - and Amazon has gone early with the discount. It's a compact little thing, and while it's not going to stream amazing YouTube in high definition, if you want to add a screen to your Alexa home, this is a cost-effective way to do it.


Echo Show 5: £74.99 £39.99 at Amazon
Save £35
– This is the cheapest you'll find this smart display anywhere - and Amazon has gone early with the discount. It's a compact little thing, and while it's not going to stream amazing YouTube in high definition, if you want to add a screen to your Alexa home, this is a cost-effective way to do it.


Fire TV Stick Lite: £29.99 £14.99 at Amazon
Save £15
– This basic Fire TV Stick drops the functionality to control your TV with the included remote, which isn't a terrible loss in the grand scheme of things when you're paying just £15. You still get access to all the same streaming apps in HD, plus the option to use the voice remote to bark orders at Alexa.


Fire TV Stick: £39.99 £19.99 at Amazon
Save £20
– The only difference between this and the Fire TV Stick Lite is the ability to also control your TV with Amazon's bundled Alexa voice remote. A convenience that's easy enough to justify for just an extra £5. On top of that, the remote has shortcut buttons to view HD content on the top streaming apps such as Netflix, Prime Video and Disney Plus.


Fire TV Stick 4K: £49.99 £24.99 at Amazon
Save £25
– For an extra £10 more you can upgrade to the Fire TV Stick with support for 4K resolution streaming. This is the cheapest deal we've seen for Amazon's streaming device outside of Prime Day and a low-cost way to get Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video and more on a TV without any in-built smart features.


Fire TV Cube: £109.99 £59.99 at Amazon
Save £50
– The Fire TV Cube is Amazon's fastest and most advanced streaming device – and it's now available for its cheapest price ever following this £50 discount. As well as 4K video resolution across all the major streaming apps, there's support for HDR10+ and Dolby Atmos audio that will deliver better picture quality and more immersive audio. You can even cast aside the remote and use voice controls for everything.


Echo Dot (3rd gen): £39.99 £18.99 each at Amazon
Never failing to offer its own bestselling speaker at a discounted rate, this Amazon Black Friday deal makes its return a year later as the 3rd generation Echo Dot more than halves in price for the first time since last year's Black Friday.

All-new Kindle Paperwhite: £129.99

All-new Kindle Paperwhite: £129.99 £104.99 at Amazon
Save £25
– This is the first-ever price cut on the latest Kindle Paperwhite - and it's only been available to buy since the end of October. This new version offers an improved reading experience thanks to the 6.8-inch screen, adjustable warm light and thinner bezels. Frequent readers will appreciate paying a premium for these features.


43-inch JVC Fire TV Edition 4K Smart TV: £379.99 £299.99 at Amazon
Save £80
– TVs don't get much more budget than the JVC Fire Edition range. This 43-inch set is now down to just £299 at Amazon, which is only £50 more than the all-time low we saw in August. For those who want a 4K screen with all the streaming apps for less, then it's a good TV for less. Similar discounts are available on the 50-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch versions if you want a larger screen.


TCL C72 65-inch 4K HDR QLED TV: £999 £799 at Amazon
With Android TV, a 100Hz display and multi-format HDR, this is a well-specified television that should help you get a 65-inch screen in your home for a very reasonable amount of money. 


Apple 13-inch MacBook Air 2020 M1 Chip: £999 £899 at Amazon
Save £100
- While we wouldn't be surprised if last year's MacBook Air model saw a further £50 reduction, it's a bit of a risk when you consider the supply chain issues happening right now with Apple and other manufacturers. Want to secure the goods before Christmas? This is a sleek, powerful machine, bolstered by the fabulous new Apple M1 Chip.


Acer Aspire 5, Core i5,  8GB RAM, 1TB SSD (Blue): £699.99 £579.99 at Amazon
Save £120
Sick of the usual silver and black devices? This stunning blue laptop is packing the very latest processors from Intel and a whole 1TB SSD, giving you plenty of power for everyday tasks and space to save all your files and photos.


ASUS VivoBook OLED Intel i5, Nvidia MX350 Graphics, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD: £849.99 £699.99 at Amazon
Save £150 -
Yep, you're getting an OLED display in this incredible creative workstation laptop. The VivoBook range has been designed with content creators in mind, so you're also getting a good range of ports and plenty of RAM to run demanding applications.


Dell Inspiron, Core i7, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD: £799 £719 at Amazon
Save £80 - Dell makes some of the best laptops on the market, and this Inspiron is no exception. Equipped with a latest 11th gen Intel Core i7 processor and 512GB of SSD storage, you'll have plenty of space to store files for work or precious photographs.


Acer Chromebook Spin, 4GB RAM, 11.6-inch touchscreen: £279.99 £198.99 at Amazon
Save £81 -
If you need to prioritize flexibility and battery life over raw power then a Chromebook might be for you. This Acer Spin is fantastic, with up to 10 hours of battery for a solid day of use, and it can even convert into a tablet. 


Huawei MateBook 14 2021, Core i5, 8GB, 512GB SSD: £949.99 £699.99 at Amazon
Save £250 - Huawei might be better known for making phones, but its laptop range is just as impressive. With up to 11 hours of battery, you can take the MateBook 14 with you all day and not worry about finding a power outlet.


HP Envy, Intel i5, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD: £899.99 £749.99 at Amazon
The HP Envy is ideal for work or school, with a highly portable 13.3-inch display and enough power to eat through tasks like spreadsheets and slideshows. It's built-in SD and Micro SD card reader are also great for saving files and photos.


Beats Studio 3 wireless over-ear headphones: £299.95 £136.94 at Amazon
Save £163 -
This massive saving on the Beats Studio 3 wireless headphones isn't to be missed if you're looking for a pair with great noise cancellation and solid audio quality. This is the lowest price we've ever seen for the headphones on Amazon, so we'd recommend acting fast if you want to secure a pair for yourself.


Apple AirPods Pro: £239 £185 at Amazon
Save £54
- For Apple users, the Apple AirPods Pro are some of the best noise-cancelling, true wireless headphones out there - and they're rarely discounted. Secure your pair before they go out of stock at this lowest ever price.


Sony WF-1000XM4 wireless earbuds: £250 £199 at Amazon
Save £51 -
This is the first time we've seen a significant discount on the Sony WF-1000XM4, which are our pick for the best true wireless earbuds of 2021. This price could drop further over Black Friday, but we'd recommend snapping them up now if you're keen.


Echo Buds (2nd gen): £109.99 £79.99 at Amazon
Save £30 - A £30 saving on these four star buds, which we found had decent noise cancellation compared to the big players - but very good performance for the price. Combine that with a massive 27% saving, and you can see why this is a deal you absolutely should be snapping up.


Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 (3rd gen) £169.99 £129.99 at Amazon
Save £40 - These styling, leather-bound headphones lack only one thing: active noise cancellation. If you don't mind that, they're a clear upgrade on the second-gen models, which were already sonically excellent and comfortable to boot. B&O has a strong reputation for good sound, and this is another example of winning true wireless earbuds.


Philips 9000 Series noise-cancelling headphones: £249.99 £125 at Amazon
Save £124.99 -
This incredible 50% discount on these Philips noise-cancelling headphones is well worth checking out. For your money you're getting 40mm drivers for deep bass, a 27-hour battery life, and clear phone calls.


Fitbit Inspire 2: £89.99 £57.99 at Amazon
Save £32
– The slim and simple Fitbit Inspire 2 is now at its lowest ever price as part of Amazon's Black Friday deals. This smartwatch provides a number of basic features including all-day activity tracking, a heart rate monitor and tools to track your sleeping habits. We found it to be an affordable and unobtrusive way to try out a smartwatch if you're interested in the tech.


Apple Watch Series 6 44mm (PRODUCT) Red: £409 £279 at Amazon
Save £130
- Now even cheaper than the smaller 40mm watch face, this is a staggering price drop on the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple's 2020 flagship wearable. Boasting its Always-On display, as well as its new blood oxygen sensor, this is one of the smartest Apple Watches yet, second only to its successor, the Series 7. Now it's cheapest ever price.


Garmin Forerunner 245 Running Watch: £249.99 £149 at Amazon
Save £100.99
- From sleep to running, to taking a dip, the Garmin Forerunner 245 can track your activity down to a T, with a plethora of interesting features to help keep you motivated and beating your PB time and time again. A comfortable design loaded with GPS and Garmin Connect, it's now down to its lowest ever price.


Fitbit Ace 3 Activity Tracker for Kids: £69.99 £49.99 at Amazon
Save £20
- Motivate your kids to be active with Fitbit's fun activity tracker for kids, including an animated clock face and selection of different coloured straps. Battery life is up to 8 days, with the ability to track steps, active minutes, and sleep. Able to monitor through a family account, it's a great way to encourage an active, healthy lifestyle.


Fitbit Versa 3: £199.99 £154.99 at Amazon
Save £45
- There is now a 23% saving on the Fitbit Versa 3 in this Amazon Black Friday deal. Great news if you want to get your hands on the best smartwatch in 2021 in our opinion. It boasts built-in GPS, a 6 day battery life, and voice assistance from Amazon Alexa.


Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 256GB: £819 £649 at Amazon
Save £170
- While not its lowest ever price (we've seen it down to £661 in the past), if you're looking to pick up Samsung's flagship handset SIM-free and receive it in just a few days, the brilliant camera and reliable battery life sells itself with this tempting price cut to boot.


Xiaomi Poco F3 5G 128GB: £329 £249
Save £80
- The Poco F3 5G recieved a 4.5-star rating from TechRadar, and we praised this phone with its bright display, great performance and a classy design. The camera isn't particularly impressive, but otherwise it's hard to criticise the Poco F3 5G. Plus, it's currently £80 off if you're looking for a cheap smartphone.


Realme GT Master Edition | 6GB RAM | 128GB storage: £329 £259 at Amazon (save £70)
This is one of Realme's most recent smartphones, and it's fairly powerful yet compact, with a suitcase-style rear design, smooth display refresh rate and fast charging.


Realme 8 5G | 4GB RAM | 64GB storage: £170 £129 at Amazon (save £41)
This was one of the cheapest 5G phones before the price cut; with over £40, it's a great option for someone looking for low-cost 5G. Another version of the phone, that's a little faster and has double the storage, is also on offer:

Apple iPad mini (2021)

iPad mini 2021 (64GB, Wi-Fi): £479 £459 at Amazon
Save £20
- This is Amazon's first-ever price cut on the new Apple iPad mini just in time for the Black Friday deals. We're on the fence whether this one will sell out before Black Friday but it's a great deal either way - especially considering this device is barely a few months old.


Apple Pencil 2: £119 £99 at Amazon
Save £19 -
The Apple Pencil 2 is discounted this Amazon Black Friday by almost £20, and we're not expecting to see many bigger discounts during the big sales event. Before you buy this, make sure it's compatible with your iPad.


Amazon Fire 7 tablet: £49.99 £29.99 at Amazon
The Amazon Fire 7 tablet is by no means the most powerful device out there, being heavily overshadowed by both iPads and Samsung Tabs. However, if you're on a tight budget, the value is hard to beat. With Amazon's discount, you can get the Fire 7 for only £29.99. You can access the most popular streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus and Spotify, use major social media apps, the internet and generally, most things you can do on pricier tablets.


Amazon Fire HD 8: £90 £39.99 at Amazon (save £50)
This tablet has a few different configurations depending on the storage space and ads, and each is £50 off - you can click through the options on the Amazon listing. This is Amazon's mid-size tablet running its own software.


Fujifilm Instax Mini 11: £69.99 £59 at Amazon
Save £10 -
This is a record-low price for our favourite instant camera. The Mini 11 It's easy to use, includes a pop-out lens barrel for selfies and takes Instax Mini film - which is more affordable than its Polaroid equivalent. Overall, it's a great gift for anyone looking to dabble in instant photography.


DJI FPV Combo £1,249 £999 at Amazon
Looking for a fun, user-friendly way to get into FPV drones? DJI's bundle is the most polished around and is an impressive 20% off in this deal. You get everything you need to fly like an eagle, including the 4K video-shooting drone, DJI's excellent FPV Goggles, and the remote controller. The DJI FPV's GPS and collision sensors are also on hand to make it a safe flying experience.


Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum Anti Hair Wrap IZ300UK: £399.99 £248.99 at Amazon
Save £151
- Sitting at #10 in our cordless vacuum buying guide, the Shark Anti Hair Wrap cordless vacuum cleaner is now down to its lowest ever price. Offering a powerful suction and flexibility for getting under all those hard-to-reach places, make the most of this Amazon Black Friday deal.


Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 Pet Dual Cordless Vacuum: £329.99 £218.99 at Amazon
Save £111
- Rated 4/5 stars, the Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 Dual Pet & Car Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is just a tenner dearer than we've seen it in the past in this Amazon Black Friday deal. If you're after a versatile cordless vac that comes with multiple attachments and a longer running time, this is a great choice for you.


Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Hot Chocolate Machine (Copper): £109.95 £89.99 at Amazon
Save £19.96
- Tis the season for the perfect hot chocolate and there's no better way to achieve a rich, chocolatey hot choc at home than with Hotel Chocolat's best-selling Velvetiser. Now discounted by 18% in both its Copper and Charcoal variations.


Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer: £179.99 £99.99 at Amazon
Save £80
- Everyone is going nuts for air fryers, but this Instant Pot Duo offers the best of both worlds with a pressure cooker built in, too. One handy appliance to have in your arsenal in the kitchen, it's now got £80 lobbed off the price in the Amazon Black Friday sale.


Swan Retro One Touch Espresso Machine: £149.99 £102 at Amazon
Save £47.99 - W
ith 32% off this retro-style espresso machine that comes in a soft blue, there's never been a better time to buy, as this brings it to a new record-low price. It can brew espresso from coffee grounds or  compatible pods, and also comes with a milk carafe that will handle texturizing milk so you can create barista-worth drinks at home. 


Philips Hue sale at Amazon: starter kits down to £84.99
Philips Hue smart lighting is excellent and many of the TechRadar team have these lights in our homes. The main drawback is that these products are generally quite expensive, so Black Friday has always been a great time to top up your system with a new bulb or switch. So far at Amazon there are loads of deals (particularly on outdoor lighting) and we're expecting (hoping?) to see these accompanied by improved prices on the smaller individual products.


YNM Weighted Blanket: £45.90 at Amazon
Now there may not be a deal on this weighted blanket but it's the one that comes highly recommended by our expert sleep editor. If you're looking to buy one today for yourself or as a gift then this is our top pick. You can also consider this Luna Weighted Blanket as a more expensive but higher quality alternative.


Oral-B Smart 6 electric toothbrush: £219.99 £59.99 at Amazon
Save £160 - Here's an utterly bonkers Amazon Black Friday deal on the Oral-B electric toothbrush that's offering it up for well under half price. We normally advocate for keeping it simple with these toothbrushes but this is a great opportunity to get a 'fancier' one for less. This one in particular has five brushing modes, full smartphone app integration (for tips on how to get the best results), and a handy pressure sensor to stop you brushing too hard.


Nintendo Switch, Mario Kart 8, Just Dance 2022 & 3 Month Nintendo Switch Online bundle: £378.99 £284.99 at Amazon
Save £94
- A great starter pack for those looking to pick up a Nintendo Switch console this Black Friday. This Amazon Black Friday deal bundles together a whole host of goodies, including the console itself, a 3 Month membership to Nintendo Switch Online, allowing you to play with your mates online and get access to a number of old school games. Then you'll also have Mario Kart 8 - a Nintendo classic! - and Just Dance 2022 to start playing ASAP!


PlayStation Plus 12 months: £49.99 £32.99 at Amazon
Save £17
- PS Plus, the online service that allows you to download free games each month and play with pals, is reduced massively in this Amazon Black Friday deal. It's now the second biggest deal in gaming at Amazon right now


Elgato Stream Deck: £139.99 £99.99 at Amazon
Save £40
- The cheapest its been in a whole three years, if you fancy yourself a gaming streamer, this set-up will have you feeling like a pro, with 15 customisable keys . It'll allow you to do a number of functions, including switching screens, adjusting audio levels, and more. It also integrates plenty of streaming apps like Twitch and OBS.


Lego Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Building Set: £59.99 £39.99 at Amazon
Save £20
- Assemble your very own infinity gauntlet with this 590 piece Lego building set. The 33% discount brings the iconic world-dusting mitt down to its lowest-ever price, making it a great gift for the big or little Marvel fan in your life.


Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles Bag: £21.59 £13.49 at Amazon
Save £8.10
– You can now save over a third off this 1kg Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles Bag (that's approximately 80 balls). Amazon says it's perfect for sharing, but let's all be honest here no one else is getting a look-in and we're just going to snack on them ourselves, right? Right?


Hotel Chocolat - Everything Sleekster: £23.50 £19.99 at Amazon
Save £3.50
– This set features 27 different caramels, pralines and alcohol truffles from Hotel Chocolat. These are some of the most popular and best-selling treats so this is a great way to get a wide selection of different chocolates in one box.


Kraken Black Spiced Rum (70cl): £25.96 £20 at Amazon
Save £6 – A 70cl bottle of Kraken Spiced Rum is back down to the lowest price we've seen all year at Amazon right now. This fine tipple has become increasingly popular over the last few years for its dark and rich taste. Get filling the Christmas drinks cabinet nice and early with a bottle of this while it's reduced - whether you're sipping or mixing up a Dark & Stormy cocktail.


Toblerone Milk Chocolate Jumbo Gift Bar 4.5kg: £73.99 £49.99 at Amazon
Save £24 - Look, this is just an enormous amount of chocolate - we don't know really what else to say about it. It's nearly 5kg of sweet, sweet, stick-in-your-teeth, remember-what-it-was-like-when-someone-went-abroad chocolate. Buy it just for the confusing conversation with the postman.


Echo Show 5: £74.99 £39.99 at Amazon
Save £35
– This is the cheapest you'll find this smart display anywhere - and Amazon has gone early with the discount. It's a compact little thing, and while it's not going to stream amazing YouTube in high definition, if you want to add a screen to your Alexa home, this is a cost-effective way to do it.

MSI Pulse GL76: £1,799.99

MSI Pulse GL76: £1,799.99 £1,299.99 at Amazon
A sound £500 discount on a reliable - if not super-exciting - gaming laptop, the MSI Pulse GL76 has a seriously high-end Intel i9-12900H CPU coupled with an RTX 3060 graphics card, making it ideal for playing demanding CPU-bound genres such as real-time strategy games. 1TB of storage means you can keep a tonne of games stored locally at once.

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