These amazing projectors deliver incredible images and stunning sound

Yaber projectors
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If you're looking for the perfect projector and the word "Yaber" isn't on your shortlist, you're almost certainly missing out. Yaber might not be a household name just yet, but its relentless pursuit of audio perfection and its incredible entertainment projectors mean it's the best-kept secret in home entertainment tech.

Whether it's a game, a movie, a TV box set or a presentation, Yaber projectors push the boundaries of visual excellence, deliver exceptional audio and look pretty great too. Don't just take our word for it: Yaber has already amassed stacks of awards including the Red Dot Award, the Yanko Design Award and the CES Innovation Award 2024. If you're looking for the ultimate in home entertainment, it's here.

The extraordinary pursuit of perfection

Yaber was founded in 2018 and launched its very first entertainment projector in 2019 with the goal of delivering the ultimate home entertainment experience. Its combination of superb visual quality and exceptional audio made it an instant hit, with the firm selling over 500 units a day. By 2022 Yaber had the top-ranking entertainment projectors on Amazon, and the following year its K2s range was launched in association with JBL. 

Like the best buddy movies, that partnership has proved so successful that it deserves a sequel – and we’ll get just that later this year with a brand new projector range. Once again it’s designed to delight and excite outdoor enthusiasts, home movie lovers and tech enthusiasts alike, and it’ll be available in the US and worldwide.

The K2s is Yaber's premier home theatre projector, and it's since been joined by the equally impressive V12 for home cinema and the Pico T1 portable projector, which turns any space into a cinema. All three share the same obsession you'll find in every Yaber product: its engineers' extraordinary pursuit of perfection.

Yaber projectors

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What makes Yaber projectors so special

Let's start with the flagship K2s. The K2s is a smart, super low noise projector with one-tap operation, voice control, NFC screencasting and effortless setup, delivering the perfect picture in seconds. Images are stunningly clear and bright, and the K2s is able to create a projection from 40 inches to a massive 200 inches – ideal for big blockbusters. 

In addition to those amazing visuals, the K2s delivers amazing audio too. Thanks to its dual 10W JBL speakers, 360-degree sound and Dolby Audio, the K2s sounds as good as it looks. You can even turn the screen off and use it as a big-sounding JBL Bluetooth speaker.

Yaber projector with apps dongle

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And there’s more. The K2s has a built-in dongle with over 7000 apps that give you access to more than 400,000 movies and TV episodes. You can watch your favourites from Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Disney+, HBO Max and more.

The Yaber V12 is a slice of home cinema heaven. It delivers a 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 700 ANSI Lumens of brightness, auto focus and auto keystone configuration and a completely enclosed dust-proof optical engine for exceptional visuals. Once again there are high-quality Dolby Audio speakers for a fully immersive audio experience, and it delivers instant access to all your favourites including Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube and more. And because it runs Linux you've got access to a truly massive selection of apps. 

Sound by JBL

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Choose a projector that "sounds perfect"

Yaber's motto, "sounds perfect", describes its goals perfectly: it understands that making incredible projectors also means delivering exceptional audio, which is why Yaber is so focused on delivering audio perfection: immersive sound is a crucial part of any truly captivating entertainment experience. That's why every single Yaber projector is engineered to deliver immersive audio alongside stunning visuals. From the use of powerful speakers to the inclusion of advanced audio technologies, every Yaber ensures that every sound is crisp, clear and in perfect sync with the on-screen action.

Yaber save the date

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Whether you're planning to deliver a presentation, want a projector that's great for gaming or would like to give your home entertainment system a serious upgrade, Yaber has the perfect projector for you. And it’s about to unveil something even more exciting at 9:00 am (EST)/2:00 pm (GMT+1) on June 25, 2024.

To find out more, follow Yaber on Facebook, subscribe to their YouTube channel, or visit their official website for more updates. Save the date and stay tuned!