With the Sony Alpha a7 IV at its lowest price ever, I'll be making the upgrade

Sony Alpha a7 IV
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The best mirrorless camera on the market at the moment is now at an all-time low price. It's hard to believe, but the Sony Alpha a7 IV is on sale at Adorama for $2,299.99 (was $2,499.99). As a long-time owner of the Sony a7S II, I've been waiting a long time for the A7 IV to drop to a price like this. Considering this might be the only camera you ever need, photographers and videographers alike will want to take notice. 

There are many reasons why this mirrorless classic is the standout option in our best mirrorless camera guide. With world-class autofocus, an unbelievable 33MP sensor, and a vari-angle screen, it's hard to find anything that competes at this level. The fact that it has excellent video capabilities as well only contributes further to an already outstanding record. The fact that you can save $200 on this camera right now makes it an absolute steal.

Today's best Sony Alpha a7 IV deal


Sony Alpha a7 IV: was $2,499.99 now $2,299.99 at Adorama
The best mirrorless camera in the world at the moment is available with a $200 saving, bringing it to the lowest price it can ever be snatched up for. Considering the next-level sensor and game-changing auto-focus system, it's hard to believe you can get all that goodness for such a low price. Now is a great time to either make the upgrade or switch to Sony.

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The thing that makes the Sony Alpha a7 IV so special is not that it is the best in class for autofocus or raw power, but that you get both incredible photo and video capabilities within one mirrorless body. It's rare to find creatives who are solely focused on just one of these disciplines, so to be able to get one camera that does it all, and now at this price, is truly special indeed.

The a7 IV trumped its predecessor by offering support for 10-bit video, no recording limits, and focus breathing compensation—all things that videographers drool over. Having shot both photos and video on a Sony a7S II, I'm excited about upgrading and discovering a whole new level of quality.

New to mirrorless?

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Mirrorless cameras are more compact than their DSLR counterparts and are slowly pushing the latter out of the camera market all together. If you're new to the mirrorless world, then check out our best entry level mirrorless cameras where you'll find a wide range of options that cover different budgets and end applications.

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