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CandyCane Melodica (iPhone) review

A Tenori-on with 99.92% off the price!

CandyCane Melodica (iPhone)
Compose music on your iPhone with this entertaining app

Our Verdict

Fun for kids and big kids alike, though we'd like to be able to get the tunes out of the app


  • Great fun
  • Easy to create good sounding music


  • Cannot export creations

You may never have heard of an odd, electronic musical instrument called a Tenori-on, but – ta-daa! – you can now get a kind of fake, unlicensed, and not-quite-as-good software version for your iPhone. (Which is just as well as a real one costs £750.)

It presents you with a grid of squares; tap them to light them up. It 'plays' in a loop, from left to right, sounding a note when the playhead hits one of the activated squares.

John Williams's job is safe for serious composition, of course – and anyway, though you can save creations within Melodica, there's no way to export them – but my, it's fun.

It's almost impossible to create a tune that doesn't hang together and sound great in a quirkily.

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