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iPlayer sees record radio requests in March

Radio iPlayer users: on the rise
Radio iPlayer users: on the rise

BBC iPlayer enjoyed a record month for radio in March, with the number of listeners accessing the online radio service hitting 38 million for the first time.

While the Longest Show Ever with Chris Moyles might sound to some like an excellent reason to steer clear of the radio altogether, that's one of the programmes that is being credited with boosting the radio figures. Well, it was all for charidee.

The World Cup Cricket also played a part in the ratings revival, with England's clash with the West Indies taking the top spot in the radio episodes request chart, showing the enduring popularity of the sport.

Mike TV

The radio figures still pale in comparison to the number of requests for TV programming, however.

There were 96 million calls on iPlayer for TV shows in March, with everyone's favourite scientist, Brian Cox, pulling in the most on demand punters in Wonders of the Universe.

Interestingly, only 100,000 iPlayer users caught up with both radio and television on the service in March, suggesting a very different user base for each.

From BBC Internet Blog