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BBC to show Olympics on Super Hi Vision screens

Games to be shown on Super Hi Vision screens across UK

The BBC will use the Olympic Games to debut the new Super Hi Vision broadcasting technology on big screens around the country

The new tech, which is said offer picture quality up to 16 times greater than high definition will be showcased on three 50ft screens across the country during the next summer's Games.

Custom-build screens will appear at the Beeb's Pacific Quay building in London, while similar structures will be erected in Glasgow, and possibly Bradford.

'Overtake 3D long-term'

The man in charge of the BBC's coverage reckons that Super Hi Vis could overtake 3D as the viewing method of choice, long-term.

"When you sit and watch it you really get the experience of being in seat D5 in the stadium," said the Corporation's director of London 2012 Roger Mosey.

"Super Hi Vision might be a better long-term prospect than 3D in some ways a it gives you the feel of being in the stadium. People are knocked out by it."

Mosey added that manufacturer Sharp is currently in the process of working on an 85-inch Super Hi Vision TV set, but the tech is unlikely to enter our homes in the next decade.

Link: Guardian