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Super sparkly diamond phones sell out in flash

HTC Touch Diamond
Imagine this with diamonds on and you're halfway to tacky techy paradise

In spite of the economic hard times we find ourselves in, there are still plenty of silly, headline-seeking luxury gadgets around that attempt to substitute bling for substance.

One such bauble is a Japanese version of the HTC Touch Diamond mobile phone, which went on sale at the start of this month for ¥13 million (£85,000) fully dressed in a suit of diamonds.

Publicity seeking

Naturally, Softbank Mobile, the network operator behind the scheme merely hoped for a spot of publicity from the notoriously cute-obsessed Japanese media, so it can't have expected any actual sales.

How wrong it was – the company announced yesterday that all eight of the Touch Diamond handsets and their accompanying 537 Tiffany gems sold within three days.

Stocking stuffer?

A clearly astonished spokesman 'fessed up: "All eight were sold by November 3, [so] I guess the buyers found them worthwhile."

We hope so.