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Orange cuts the cost of calling abroad

The Orange Call Abroad SIM: call up to 33 countries for just 5p per minute

Orange is slashing the cost of calling abroad with the launch of a new SIM card today.

The Orange Call Abroad SIM promises to cut the cost of calling friends and relatives abroad to between 5p and 21p per minute. You don't have to swap the SIM for making your more regular calls either, the company says.

"Orange research shows that people currently find making international calls confusing due to misleading price structures and the lack of transparency around calling cards," the company's press release says.

"In response to consumer needs, the new Orange SIM offers customers a secure and reliable way of calling long distance with the ease and flexibility of their mobile phone."

The Orange Call Abroad SIM is designed to appeal to people who have family and friends overseas. That's around 5.5 million ethnic British nationals and 18.7 million foreign visitors, says Orange.

It's clear that the SIM isn't Orange's answer to planned EU legislation on mobile roaming charges. An EU committee said in April that it was committed to slashing the cost of call roaming by up to 70 per cent.

The Orange Call Abroad SIM is available now for just £1.