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LG's 2015 plans may include 'G Pen' and a single smartphone

LG G3 Stylus
The LG G3 Stylus did nothing to impress Galaxy Note users

Companies ranging from Samsung to Sony are said to be cutting down the number of smartphones they'll produce in 2015, and now we can add LG to that list.

In fact, the Korean company will only launch a single flagship smartphone in 2015, says Korean site Heraldcorp.

That may very well mean no LG G Pro 2 sequel, with efforts focused on the LG G4 instead.

No paltry pen

In addition a trademark spotted by Phandroid covers a "G Pen" that could go far beyond what the LG G3 Stylus's paltry pen offered, reports Phandroid.

The descriptions in the patent filing are vague, but the G Pen could be a standalone stylus for LG devices, a companion gadget for the LG G4, or something else entirely.

Now let's just hope the alleged Snapdragon 810 defects really don't cause any delays next year, just like Qualcomm says they won't.