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LG Optimus G Pro takes another step towards reality

LG Optimus G Pro takes another step towards reality
Like this, but with a bigger, better screen

The LG Optimus G Pro looks more and more likely to be the Korean firm's next flagship handset, but don't go thinking it will be full of groundbreaking tech.

According to a couple of Korean news agencies, LG has confirmed that the Optimus G Pro will arrive in Asia during the first quarter of this year.

It will sport a full HD 5.5-inch display, pitting itself against the Sony Xperia Z, Huawei Ascend D2 and ZTE Grand S, plus possibly the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4.

Ain't nothing more than a G

Dazzling resolution and larger screen aside, the Optimus G Pro looks to offer little more over the original LG Optimus G, quashing rumours that it could be the much talked about Optimus G2.

The Optimus G Pro will apparently run the same quad-core processor found in the G, but user experience will be ramped up – whatever that means. Hopefully it means a bigger battery to keep that bigger, snazzier screen going but who knows.

We've contacted LG to see if we can garner any official comment regarding the Optimus G Pro and details on its availability and price.

From Aju News and Yonhap via Android Authority