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Jolla finally launches MeeGo-based smartphone called... Jolla

The newly unveiled Jolla smartphone
Fully customisable casing

Continuing the European trend of baffling company names, Finnish startup Jolla has revealed what its forthcoming smartphone will look like.

The company's website says that the device will be entirely button-free, have a 4.5-inch display, house a dual-core processor, be 4G ready, have an 8MP camera and 16GB of onboard storage with an additional microSD slot.

The standout feature appears to be the two-tone coloured casing that encapsulates the phone, which seems to be fully customisable according to a picture from their Facebook page.

The casing will reportedly be able to influence the theme colours of the operating system, Sailfish - a feature Jolla is calling "The Other Half".

Join the tribe

The entire branding of the marketing campaign is about being different, which is why Jolla - a company formed of disgruntled Nokia employees when the MeeGo project was canned - will run its own operating system.

Sailfish will be able to run Android apps, however, but MeeGo is encouraging people to develop specifically for Jolla.

The device is expected to launchd at the end of this year for €399 ($512/£337/ AUS $521) and the Jolla team is encouraging people to be part of the "tribe" by pre-ordering now.

Via Engadget