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Search-fuelled surge for mobile internet's survey shows middle-aged men most keen on mobile internet map and search services

Middle-aged mobile users are leading the way for the take up of mobile maps, directions and directory applications, with a survey revealing over half of 35-44 year-olds are keen to visit mobile internet sites where such services are available.

The research by suggests that 40 per cent of UK mobile users overall would find such services a compelling reason to use a mobile internet site, with peak interest (54 per cent) shown by middle-aged respondents.

Email and instant messenger services came in second place in the ICM survey of reasons people would use mobile internet services, with mobile banking, transport information and news and sports clips also proving popular incentives for potential mobile internet users.

Martin Wilson, head of mobile marketing, commented: "For a long time, mobile internet just hasn't been attractive to consumers, as bad experiences on WAP, high costs and slow applications have put them off. Our study shows that consumers are now starting to find a real need for mobile search in their everyday lives."

Top 5 mobile adoption drivers

  1. Maps/directions and local information
  2. Email and instant messenger
  3. Banking
  4. Transport information
  5. News and sports clips