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LG develops HD & mobile TV distribution

LG aims to tempt US TV distributers with its MPH platform when it puts it on display later this month

LG is to introduce a new mobile TV distribution platform, enabling US broadcasters to beam digital TV to handheld devices and high-def TVs in American homes.

The would-be new standard for US TV, Mobile Pedestrian Handheld (MPH), was developed by LG Electronics, one of its US subsidiaries, Zenith Electronics , and Harris Corporation.

The companies plan to release more details on MPH as well as demonstrate the technology at the National Association of Broadcasters ( NAB ) show, which takes place between Saturday 14 April and Thursday 19 April.

Harris Corporation describes the MPH system as "a multiple-stream approach [to distribution]", suggesting it will cover a number of distribution platforms in one.

How this works with existing mobile TV solutions like Digital Mobile Broadcasting (DMB), remains to be seen, but Dr Jong Kim, president of LG's Zenith R&D Lab, is confident. "We believe broadcasters will appreciate both the superior performance and unparalleled flexibility of our MPH system," said Kim.