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International BBC iPlayer to cost around £6 a month

BBC iPlayer, soon to be iPlaying the field
BBC iPlayer, soon to be iPlaying the field

BBC director general Mark Thompson has revealed that the international version of the iPlayer will cost a snip under $10 (£6.14) when it is released this year.

Although Thompson has repeatedly told the media that the iPlayer will soon be available outside of the UK, his latest speech at the FT Digital Media & Broadcasting conference in London is the first that he has talked price.

BBC fee

To put the cost of the international iPlayer into context: currently the BBC's online offering costs the UKjust 67p per household (compared to £7.85 a month for TV).

This means that those watching the iPlayer in, say, the US for a year will have to pay the equivalent of half what the UK pays in total for the television licence fee.

The BBC already has massive international reach as a brand. Shows like Top Gear on BBC America are some of the most watched in the world, so the arrival of an international version of iPlayer will be much welcomed, even if its pricing is a little steep.

Via the Guardian and Electric Pig