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BT reaches one million Wi-Fi hotspots

BT going gaga over Wi-Fi milestones
BT going gaga over Wi-Fi milestones

BT has announced it now has one million Wi-Fi hotspots in the UK and Ireland.

The total has been reached through home networks (such as the BT Home Hub Fon scheme, where home users open up a portion of their Wi-Fi for others to use), independent businesses and chains, like Starbucks.

BT is also claiming that its users are on track to use one billion Wi-Fi minutes this year, which it is attributing largely to increased internet use thanks to the iPhone.

Network nabbing

BT has also signed UK deals with the likes of O2, Orange and Vodafone to allow customers to connect their iPhones to its hotspots, helping boost the total number of users.

Gavin Patterson, CEO of BT Retail, said: "Whether at home, at work or when out and about, wireless access is central to keeping people and communities better connected. We've grown from 500,000 to one million hotspots within six months, and will continue to add more to meet demand from smart-phone, laptop, iPod and now e-reader users."

BT is also running a competition soon on to find the millionth hotspot - we're assuming it's in space to make it a proper hunt.