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Ofcom promises better value rural broadband

Broadband speeds set for a boost
Broadband speeds set for a boost

Rural areas are set to receive better value broadband thanks to a 12 per cent price reduction Ofcom is placing on what BT Wholesale can charge internet service providers (ISPs) in countrified areas.

While country customers probably won't get a smaller bill, they should end up getting a faster connection without a price hike as ISPs should use the money they've saved to invest in bandwidth.

The reason behind the lowered wholesale prices is to encourage ISPs to invest more heavily in bringing high-speed broadband to the countryside.

Old Macdonald had a broadband connection…

The independent regulator thinks this will benefit around three million homes and business in parts of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, South West England, Norfolk, Yorkshire, Cumbria and Northumberland.

The move will also mean that the differences between what the town mice and the country mice pay for their broadband will lessen – rural customers often end up paying more because getting the connection in the first place is more of a chore.

Ofcom is all about the broadband speeds at the moment, with its interactive map of the UK's connectivity painting a fairly bleak picture for the country dwellers.