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Are you suffering from net rage?

3 reckons most of us suffer from net rage one way or another

Nearly all Brits suffer from "net rage" when using their computers, according to a new survey. Apparently 86 per cent of computer users reported feelings of extreme anger or stress after being unable to connect to the internet when they wanted to.

Unsurprisingly, the survey was carried out by someone wanting us to connect to the internet in a different way - mobile network 3.

The poll found that 42 per cent of laptop users want to be able to use the net while on the move or when they are away from their home broadband.

Wanted: mobile HSDPA broadband

Over a third of laptop owners also reckon they'd spend more time online - by over 50 per cent - when mobile HSDPA broadband is in regular use. Only 4 per cent of users currently have access to mobile broadband.

One of the more interesting findings is that a typical UK work laptop covers almost 7,000 miles a year, accompanying their owners wherever they go.

The new research forms part of a 'Mobile Lives' report, commissioned by 3 to investigate the new generation of laptop and mobile device users.