Shark's pet hair-busting cordless vacuum just got a huge pre-Prime Day discount

Shark IZ300UK cordless vacuum deal
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Right now at Amazon, the Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum has a massive 40% off – so rather than the usual £379.99, it's down to £229, which is incredibly cheap for what you're getting here. It's very rare to see this vacuum at such a low price, and worth snapping up. 

Shark is the brand behind many of the best vacuum cleaners on the market today, and this particular model packs some of the brand's most popular features, including a flexible hose that enables you to reach right under furniture, and an anti-hair wrap floorhead to prevent hairs clogging the brushroll (we were impressed with both of these additions in our Shark Vertex Pro IZ662H / Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Vacuum IZ300UK review). 

The version that's discounted comes with a motorized tool specifically for pet hair – we've tested this tool with another Shark vacuum, and found it performed just as well as the rival tool from premium competitor Dyson. Because this isn't an official Amazon Prime Day deal, you don't need to be a Prime subscriber to claim, either.

Shark IZ300UKT cordless vacuum:£379.99£229 at Amazon

Shark IZ300UKT cordless vacuum: was £379.99 now £229 at Amazon
The Shark Anti Hair Wrap is a powerful and versatile cordless vacuum that performs equally well on hard floors as it does carpet. It comes with some impressive hair-detangling features and a separate Pet tool, making it especially good for those with four-legged friends in the home. It's rare to see this model for such a low price, and based on historic patterns, this deal won't stick around long. The same deal is available at Very, if you prefer. 

The IZ300UKT has what Shark calls a 'DuoClean' floorhead, which means there are two brushrolls, enabling it to tackle hard floors as well as carpets. Silicone fins dig into carpet and dislodge dirt and hair there for a deeper clean. Hair is channeled off the brushroll and into the dust cup as you clean, to stop the vacuum getting clogged up and affecting suction. This model can be transformed into a handheld vacuum for smaller, more awkward cleaning tasks, although on test we found it was a little heavy in this mode. 

If it doesn't look quite right for you, note that we are expecting more Prime Day vacuum cleaner deals to appear on 16 and 17 July (next week). For those, you will need to be signed up to Prime, although you can do so on a free trial and cancel after you've finished your shopping if you don't want to commit forever. 

If you want to suss out the full Shark range before shopping, head to our best Shark vacuum cleaner guide to get the low-down on which models we recommend for which kind of customer (and consult our Shark vacuum technologies guide to decode the brand jargon!). 

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