WOOFit review

Compact Bluetooth speaker that packs a punch

The WOOFit speaker - compact, sleek and cool

TechRadar Verdict


  • +

    Great design

  • +


  • +

    High quality sound

  • +

    Anti-slip ring


  • -

    Buttons are too fiddly

  • -

    Micro SD is hard to use

  • -

    M button is hard to use and understand

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Compact, sleek and cool. All words brought to mind when we first looked at the WOOFit speaker. They are impressive to look at, with a dark bottom 'ring' which contains all of the controls: power, volume, play/pause and a 'mode' button which flicks between Bluetooth, Aux in, SD card.

The device comes with a 'SACKit' bag in which to carry the speakers around on your travels. This is a small, drawstring bag made of a synthetic material.

This all costs £60.00 and we agree with this price as the build quality is of a very high standard, the metal finish to the outside makes the speakers look lovely.

Setting up

So to set up the speakers, you need to have charged them up, you can do this by using the USB on the cable and plugging it into a PC or laptop (or a charger brick with female USB port) and then plugging the micro USB into the speakers.

You then have to turn the speakers on, if you have done this correctly you will see a dark green light next to the on/off switch. So now you want to connect the speakers to a device via bluetooth, this is easy, all you must do is on the device, go onto settings, then bluetooth, then select 'SACKit'.


This should then pair the two. You can control volume from both the speakers and the device, but we would choose to do this on the device as I found the volume control on the speakers incredibly fiddly.

You can also input a micro SD card into the speakers, and then select this feature by clicking the 'M' button until you hear one of the songs on your micro SD card.

The speakers also come with an extendable radio antenna which is attachable via micro USB. We found the radio hard to use, this is mainly because we found that the controls on the speakers were too small.


Now, down to the important part, performance. We found overall that the WOOFit speakers performed extremely well.

But it was a different story when the music stopped playing. There was a continued buzz, quite a loud buzz actually. And that was a tad off putting because when a track had finished and we were selecting a new track, the noise was very apparent - not ideal.


Range of the Bluetooth was as expected - absolutely adequate providing you're not trying to stream music through thick walls.


So, the WOOFit speakers, they look cool, they sound great. But the loud buzz while the speakers are idle is a big thumbs down. We think that the FM radio is a great addition, but the buttons are too difficult in order for the radio experience to be seamless. The use of a micro SD card is a good idea, but having to rely on the 'M' button is irritating.