Oppo R11s review

Oppo's most premium handset to date

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Battery life

  • Battery will last all day
  • Terrific fast charging

With its large 3,200mAh battery, the Oppo R11s lasted 8 hours and 4 minutes of heavy use in our PCMark battery benchmarks. That's a great result for a mid-range phone, lasting just as long as the Samsung Galaxy S8 did in our tests. 

That said, the R11s fell short of its predecessor, the R11, by roughly 50 minutes, and didn't even come close to topping last year's Oppo R9s, which gave us a very-creditable 12 hours and 10 minutes of juice. 

The R11s Plus packs a whopping 4,000mAh battery into its larger frame, and while we were still testing the latter at the time of writing, it's probably safe to assume that it would last a little longer than the R11s. 

Thankfully, the R11s sports fast charging capability, with Oppo promising that a 30-minute charge will bring the phone to at least 75%. 


  • Dual camera setup (20MP + 16MP) on the rear
  • 20MP selfie camera backed by Oppo's AI-driven Beautify software

Oppo continues to make big strides when it comes to its camera technology with the R11s, including a magnificent 20MP front-facing camera that implements artificial intelligence and machine learning in its quest to provide users with the most flattering selfies imaginable. 

Working in conjunction with Oppo's Beautify software, your phone will eventually learn to adjust your selfie settings in an attempt to provide the best possible outcome, whether that's by making your face slimmer, your skin clearer or applying a pinkish hue to the pallor of your face. 

If you hate blemishes, wrinkles and freckles, you'll love what this phone can do. The Oppo R11s and its Beautify software will make you look ten years younger without additional tweaking.

On the back side of the handset, the R11s packs a 20MP+16MP dual camera setup that automatically switches between the two lenses to maximize the quality of low-light photography.

In our experience, most low-light handheld shots looked quite sharp, though blur would occasionally creep in to some images, even when we only made slight movements. A tripod would help out quite a bit with that, as would some tinkering with shutter speeds and ISO settings – something that might also need to be done in overly-bright environments.

Daylight photography, for the most part, is excellent. As has become tradition with Oppo's phones, the R11s features a Sony-developed IMX398 sensor that takes wonderfully-bright photos in well-lit environments.

That dual camera setup we were talking about earlier? It can also used to create impressive depth-of-field effects via a dedicated Portrait mode. For the most part, this feature works well, keeping images in the foreground sharp and clear while blurring the background nicely. 

Occasionally, it can struggle with edge detection, leaving the edges of the object you're focusing on looking a little blurry. That said, a bit of practice goes a long way, and once you've figured out the best way to frame your shots in Portrait mode, this becomes less of a problem.

Once again, video capture is not one of Oppo's strengths, as 1080p recording is limited to 30fps. 4K capture is also available, though like on the Oppo R9s Plus, our video at this resolution was always less than smooth, and appeared particularly choppy during movement.

Oppo R11s camera samples

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