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Intempo KTM-02 review

A brave attempt but Intempo isn't in tune with the times

Does anyone really think this looks good?

Our Verdict

Performance is okay, but the KTM-02 has too many build quality and usability issues


  • Stereo speakers

    Generally good sound quality


  • Awful design

    Poor build quality

While we have got used to the little black boxes that so often enclose today's top tech, we're not averse to something completely different. A shame, then, that the effect of flowers crawling over this Intempo DAB radio's bright blue body is, frankly, hideous.

Beyond retro

It's a desperate design attempt in a market dominated by retro designs and the KTM-02's insides are far more in tune with the times. Rich of bass and clear of tone, voice and music is rendered with some skill. The stereo speakers - a rare commodity - don't hurt.

What we don't like at all is the operation, which is fussy and poorly thought out.

Both FM and DAB can be accessed quickly via the same button, but moving up and down the station list (on DAB) or around the dial (FM) is fiddly because a separate 'select' button is also needed to confirm a choice.

The autotune takes longer than on most DABs at around a minute, and although four dedicated preset buttons alongside alarm clock and snooze functions offer ease of use, absolutely every command suffers from the same problem: build quality. While the unit itself is solid and well built, the buttons themselves are inexplicably recessed and difficult to use.

Connectivity, too, is basic, with just a headphone socket provided, but it's worth noting that the unit can operate from the mains or batteries, making it portable.

Not that you'd want to take it anywhere with these design faults, which is a shame as the radio does sound superb.