DeepBurner Free review

A simple CD and DVD burning tool for the undemanding user

TechRadar Verdict

Pretty much the definition of 'no frills', DeepBurner Free has the basics covered, but nothing more.


  • +

    Very simple to use

  • +

    No-nonsense interface

  • +

    Portable version available


  • -

    No Bu-ray support

  • -

    Very limited options

  • -

    No photo or video discs

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Disc burning was once something of a novelty, and the software needed to do it was expensive.

DeepBurner Free

Where to download:

Type: Disc burning software

Developer: Astonsoft

Operating system: Windows

Version: 1.9

We've now reached the point that basic disc burning is built into Windows, and there are plenty of free tools available to take care of more advantage burning jobs. One such tool is DeepBurner Free, but it's worth noting that while there is a free version of the program, there is also one you need to pay for – the latter obviously having more features.

So what are you missing out on with the free version of DeepBurner? Disc-to-disc copying, video DVD creation, backup, photo album burning, burning from the command line, and the drive and media restoration/information utility. What this mean is that you're left with the ability to burn data CDs and DVDs, audio CDs, and to work with ISO images – burning and creation.

There really are very few extras here. You can use DeepBurner Free to create disc labels if you want, and there's the option to create a custom autorun menu for the CDs and DVDs you burn, but the emphasis is on creating audio and data discs with as little fuss as possible.

User experience

DeepBurner Free's interface is uncomplicated, if a little dated-looking, and it gets the job done.

However, despite the relative simplicity of DeepBurner Free, some previous experience of disc burning is required as there's no explanation of setting such as disc-at-once vs track-at-once burning, nor what the implication of a multi-session disc are. To find out, you'll need to into the online help, which is far better than the installed help file.

There's no context menu integration, which is a shame, and that means you'll have to use the DeepBurner Free's main program window no matter what you want to do.

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