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Apollo LED Lighting Kit review

Use this simple kit to bling-up any TV or AV system

This boasts a wide variety of vibrant lighting effects

Our Verdict

Not for everyone, but a good quality lighting kit with some interesting features


  • Good range of lighting effects
  • Easy to install


  • USB cable can come loose

If you've been casting an envious look in the direction of Philips' Ambilight LCD TVs and rather fancy adding multi-coloured backlighting to your own screen, then has a neat upgrade solution. Its Apollo LED lighting kit can not only be used to add hues to TV screens, but you can also use it to affix strips to the backs of speakers, the underneath of AV furniture and pretty much anything else you want to backlight.

The standard Apollo lighting kit comes with either two 9in (£52) or 15in tubes (£58). A 24in option is also available (£75). You can add additional LED lights (priced from between £13 for single 9-inchers to £35 for a pair of 24inchers). Essentially, the larger the screen, the larger the tube you should choose for the best backlit effect.

The tubes themselves connect to a main hub via USB. As many as six can be run from a single hub, which connects to a power supply andIR sensor. Controllable via supplied remote, the system is easy to install.


A wide variety of vibrant lighting effects. Myriad hues (well, seven actually, although there are theoretically a million gradations) can cycle around endlessly, or a single colour can pulse on or off.

Seven memories are available. These can be assigned a single colour, allowing your backlight to match your mood at the touch of a button.

Brightness levels can be adjusted in five increments.


Mounting the tubes behind a screen will almost inevitably require the use of USB extension leads, which tend to have a habit of working loose...