RHA T10i review

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RHA T10i review

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For non-music, speech radio and podcasts, the sound is beautiful. If you're an avid podcast or audiobook listener then these will have plenty to offer. As a stupid anecdote though, the FM radio on my HTC Desire Eye didn't get on well with the chord as an FM radio antenna, but honestly, that's little more than trivia.

We liked

The clarity of vocals, and overall balance of sound was really great. These might not produce the purest sound on the planet, but it is very pleasing to the ear. The ability to switch filters in order to adjust the sound is a good one and overall the comfort and design of these headphones is brilliant. At £150, they're also reasonably priced for the quality they offer.

We disliked

You can't get away from the fact that these are, by nature, quite bass-heavy headphones. They work well, but only for certain types of music. Some might argue the price is a bit steep. Perhaps, but for this level of build quality, sound quality and design that's probably not a fair argument. Even so, £150 is more than many will be prepared to spend.

Final verdict

If you want a pair of earphones that will serve most uses well these are certainly suitable for that. They are incredibly well designed, comfortable and the ideal companion for most normal activity. The sound is excellent (if a little bass-heavy) and they are a set of earphones that you'll really find yourself looking forward to using.

The price might be high for some, but these offer quality that I've heard on far more expensive headphones, and also have a long warranty that will see you using them for at least three years.