We might have just gotten our first look at Samsung's next-gen Galaxy Fold and Flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 opened up
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A marketing image for Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 has recently surfaced online, and if accurate, it finally gives us our first good look at the two foldables. 

It’s unknown exactly where the leak originates from, but a screenshot of the advertisement was posted to the GalaxyFold subreddit by user UnironicallyMe37 who states it came from Samsung's Kazakhstani website. You can even see the URL of the page in the corner, but if you go to the website right now, you won’t see anything pertaining to either of the devices. The company probably took the image down soon after it was discovered.

Taking center stage in the leak is the Galaxy Z Fold 6, which is seemingly adopting a more square-shaped design when compared to the previous generation. The different look may lead some people to believe the image might be fake, but evidence suggests it isn’t. First off, the boxy form factor matches recently found pictures of what is supposed to be a Galaxy Z Fold 6 dummy unit. If you look at the unit, you’ll notice it’s wider than the Z Fold 5, which is complete with angular corners.

UnironicallyMe37 would go on to point out how the rear camera system on the Galaxy Z Fold 6 looks similar to a close-up photograph of a smartphone lens taken by industry leaker Ice Universe. In their coverage, 9To5Google mentions how the foldable’s color scheme matches what the Galaxy S24 Ultra has. This could mean the Z Fold 6 may be made out of titanium, as previously rumored. The metal would make the model lightweight and durable but also expensive.

Small design update

Because the Galaxy Z Fold 6 in the image has proof pointing to its validity, it may be safe to say the Galaxy Z Flip 6 sitting in the back is legitimate as well – although it’s hard to say for sure. There haven’t been as many design leaks for the Z Flip 6 as there have been for the Z Fold 6.

The Galaxy Z Flip pictured here looks almost identical to the Galaxy Z Flip 5 with one notable difference. The rings around the lenses are color-coded to the rest of the phone. In this case, both the rings and body are light blue. Granted, you only see the Z Flip 6 from the back, so it’s possible there could be other new design flourishes that can’t be seen from the leak’s angle.

Initial reactions on social media are mostly positive, with many folks seeming to really enjoy how the foldables look, while others are a bit more skeptical. A handful of users worry the rear camera won’t see improvements, claiming the lenses look similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s array. However, rumors from earlier in the year state that the phone’s respective cameras will see several upgrades; namely the Z Flip 6 supposedly getting a 50MP main lens instead of the Flip 5’s 12MP option.

As with every leak, take this information with a grain of salt. And check out TechRadar's list of the best foldable phones for 2024.

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