Motorola foldables leak teases larger outer screens and new chipsets

Motorola Razr Plus 2023 external display
(Image credit: Future / Philip Berne)

An avalanche of fresh information for Motorola’s Razr 50 series has recently surfaced, leaving very little to imagination. Thanks to a report on 91Mobiles via Evleaks, we have a better picture of what the hardware might look like and what the pair of phones may feature. The models are referred to as the Razr 50 and Razr 50 Ultra, but in the United States, the pair will likely be rebranded as the fourth-generation Razr and Razr Plus. The company has done this for previous releases.

The first thing you’ll notice on the shared photos is that the external screen on the standard model is much larger than on the 2023 Razr. It is now reportedly a 3.6-inch pOLED display, that could match last year’s Motorola Razr Plus resolution of 1,066 x 1,056 pixels running at a refresh rate of 120Hz. The main screen, however, is likely staying the same as the 2023 smartphone: a 6.9-inch pOLED display outputting a Full HD Plus image resolution (2,640 x 1,080 pixels) with a refresh rate is also 120Hz. 

Powering everything on the standard Razr will likely be the MediaTek Dimensity 7300X, a chipset that NotebookCheck points out has yet to be released, and potentially could debut on this phone. The report notes it'll be powered by the same 4,200mAh battery as the 2023 model. Because it is an identical power source, we do worry the new hardware may drain the battery faster. It’s hard to say for sure. Not much is known about the performance of the Dimensity 7300X. On the back, you’ll find two cameras – a 50 MP primary lens alongside a 13MP ultra-wide angle option. The selfie lens at the front is a 32 MP camera.

Razr 50 Ultra specs

Motorola’s Razr 50 Ultra has many of the same features as its counterpart, with a few notable differences. Instead of the Dimensity 7300X, it’ll house the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3, a chipset that is currently only available on a handful of Chinese smartphones. According to 91mobiles, the outer display is a little bigger, at four inches. Both screens also sport a higher refresh rate, at 165Hz. Similarly, the two rear camera lenses are 50 MP. 

The Razr 50 Ultra’s battery is slated to be 4,000 mAh, a direct upgrade to the 2023 model's 3,800 mAh power source. It probably won’t last as long as the base device, but at least the smartphone will run longer than before. Additionally, the higher-end foldable purportedly has 12GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage, while the base device has 8GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage.

It’s unknown when either of the foldables will be released, but considering we have all this information, the launch could be just around the corner. NotebookCheck claims pricing for the Razr 50 starts at $699/€899 (about £550). It’ll be available in gray, beige, and what appears to be dark or burnt orange. Price points for the Razr 50 Ultra were not mentioned, although initial reports expect it to cost “€200 more”. That’s around €1,099/$1,200/£940. The device will have its own set of colors: sage green, peach pink, and bluish-purple. None of the leaks give the shades a proper name, though.

Of course, take everything with a grain of salt. Things can always change at the last minute.

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