The Samsung Galaxy S23 series will start getting Galaxy AI on March 28

Samsung Galaxy S23 screen held at an angle
The Samsung Galaxy S23 (Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

If you’re a Samsung Galaxy S23 owner then your phone might get a major update on March 28, as following news that Galaxy AI would start rolling out to the Galaxy S23 line in late March, Samsung Korea and Samsung China have both now announced March 28 as the big day.

These announcements were spotted by SamMobile, though as we haven’t heard this date specified for other countries yet it’s possible that S23 owners in other regions might be waiting a little longer. Still, we’d think most owners should have Galaxy AI on their phones by the end of the month, so keep an eye out for the update from March 28 onwards.

This Galaxy AI update is coming as part of One UI 6.1, and it’s launching for all Samsung Galaxy S23 models, so the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and Samsung Galaxy S23 FE.

We know that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series will also be getting Galaxy AI, but they weren’t mentioned in the March 28 announcement, so they might be waiting a little longer.

A whole suite of AI features

As for what the update consists of, One UI 6.1 is packed full of new AI features, including Generative Edit (which allows you to move and resize objects in photos), and Circle to Search (which lets you circle something in an image or video to search the web for it).

There’s also Note Assist, Browsing Assist, and Transcript Assist, which can transcribe recordings with AI, summarize and translate recordings and notes, and summarize online articles.

Plus, there’s Chat Assist, which can adjust the tone of your messages or translate them to another language, and Live Translate, which can provide voice and text translations of phone calls. Similarly, there’s Interpreter, which can deliver text translations of live conversations.

This is set to be one of the biggest software updates yet for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, and might even end up being bigger than the update to Android 15 we’ll likely see towards the end of the year.

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