Need more Apple AirTags? Two big Aussie retailers are currently offering sweet discounts

Apple AirTags
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Catch yourself racing around trying to find your keys? If you’re an Apple user, then you’re in luck. Thanks to DigiDirect, you can grab yourself a 4-pack of Apple AirTags for less than the price of three regularly-priced trackers, with DigiDirect stocking the 4-pack for just AU$147.

We know. Four is too many and you’re never going to lose and need to find that many things. Well, whether it’s important pieces of luggage, your wallet or your child’s favourite bear, AirTag discounts are rare and it’s better to have one and not need it, than need one and not have it. If you’ve wished you had one in moments of need, now’s the time.

If you’re certain the 4-pack is overkill, DigiDirect is also stocking the 1-pack at a discounted price of AU$43. However, if you typically shop with Amazon and are looking to stock up, the current Big Smile Sale over at the retail giant’s online storefront has the Apple AirTag 4-pack for only one dollar more than DigiDirect, at AU$148.

Apple AirTag (4 pk) | AU$165AU$147

Apple AirTag (4 pk) | AU$165 AU$147 (save AU$18)

It's only a 10% discount but it's quite rare to see any kind of offer on the AirTag. While a single unit is still full price on Amazon, DigiDirect has both the 1 and 4-packs at a discounted price. With DigiDirect stocking the single Bluetooth tracker at AU$43 and both Amazon and DigiDirect’s 4-pack sale bringing the individual trackers down to AU$37 each, now is a good time to grab Apple’s popular tracker if you’ve been holding off for a while.

Continuing Apple’s history of seamless integration between devices, the Apple AirTag works seamlessly with your iPhone. Just tuck it inside or attach it to anything you hate to lose and your iPhone will locate the item with its Precision Finding Technology. 

In our Apple Airtag review, we called the device an “invaluable and easy-to-use tool” when it comes to keeping track of your possessions and finding misplaced items. If an item is lost inside your home, the AirTag emits an audible noise to help you find it, while you’re provided with on-screen directions on your paired iPhone. 

The AirTag doesn’t skip a beat for items lost further away either, as you can easily fall back on Apple’s trusty Find My network to track it down. Setting the AirTag to Lost Mode allows any iPhone that is part of the Find My network to (secretly) keep an eye out, alerting you when one nears the tracker. If all else fails, there is always the chance that whoever finds the tracker uses their NFC-enabled device to find your basic information and return it to you.

Water resistant and reliable, AirTag accessories through Amazon and similar retailers allow the tracker to easily attach to phones, pet collars, keys and more.Whether you choose DigiDirect or Amazon, it’s the perfect time to start tracking your items. 

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