Holiday gift ideas for iPhone users: 17 festive deals at Amazon, Best Buy, and more

iPhone gift ideas
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The Black Friday deals season is over for another year, but with the holidays fast approaching, retailers including Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart are continuing to offer big discounts on all manner of tech products.

iPhone-related deals regular feature among the pre-Christmas sales, and in this guide, we’ve rounded up 17 great device and accessory offers that should help alleviate your festive shopping stress.

We’ve separated the below deals into sections, so if you’ve already got an iPhone (or are shopping for somebody who has one), skip to the accessories roundup.

iPhone device deals

iPhone 12:$499$299 at Walmart

iPhone 12: was $499 now $299 at Walmart
The iPhone 12 is no longer the flashiest iPhone on the block, but at just $299, it's never been better value. For that price, you'll get a capable A14 Bionic chipset, a colorful OLED display, a decent 12MP main camera and 5G connectivity (with a compatible SIM). You won't find the iPhone 12 cheaper anywhere else, however with this deal, you'll be tied to a Straight Talk sim. If you'd rather pick up a fully unlocked iPhone 12, Best Buy currently has the phone in its clearance aisle for $566.99 (although, at that price, you're probably better off picking up the iPhone 13 at Apple for just $30 more).

iPhone 13 (refurbished):$544.49$449 at Walmart

iPhone 13 (refurbished): was $544.49 now $449 at Walmart
The iPhone 13 is no longer on sale as new at the likes of Walmart or Best Buy (at least not for a better price than Apple is offering right now), but the former retailer does have a series of "professionally refurbished" models available at a hefty discount. Per Walmart's own description, its refurbished products are in very good condition, and only show minimal signs of wear (such as light scratches), so we think this iPhone 13 deal is absolutely worth considering. In any case, you'll get a 90-day warranty, so if you're not happy with the quality of product you receive, simply send it back.

iPhone 13:$699$599 at Apple

iPhone 13: was $699 now $599 at Apple
Good news: Apple itself has cut the upfront cost of its 2021 flagship phone by a further $100. The iPhone 13 was already reduced by $100 following the release of the iPhone 14 last year. But now that the iPhone 15 is out, it's even better value than before. Apple also operates its own trade-in program that can be used to knock a few further bucks off the upfront cost of a new device (useful if you've got an existing iPhone model to dispose of).

iPhone 13 Pro (refurbished):$689.95$599.95 at Walmart

iPhone 13 Pro (refurbished): was $689.95 now $599.95 at Walmart
As with the standard iPhone 13, Walmart is also offering a good deal on refurbished iPhone 13 Pro models. Given that Apple's 2021 flagship was discontinued in 2023, box-fresh versions of the iPhone 13 Pro are extremely hard to come by these days. So under $600 for an unlocked model in "very good condition" is absolutely a deal worth considering. This phone cost $999 at launch, and it remains an excellent premium handset thanks to its A15 Bionic chipset, adaptive 120Hz refresh rate and strong battery life. In fact, the iPhone 13 Pro an objectively better phone than the newer (and more expensive) iPhone 14.

iPhone SE (2022): $379.99$149 at Walmart

iPhone SE (2022): was $379.99 now $149 at Walmart
If you're simply looking for a capable iPhone to tide you over for the next few years, then Walmart's excellent iPhone SE (2022) deal could be for you. With the iPhone 13 mini now dead and buried, the iPhone SE (2022) is essentially the best small phone that's still available from Apple. Its design may be outdated, but the internal specs remain strong. You can pick up the phone for just $149 right now through Walmart's Straight Talk partnership.

iPhone 14:$729.99$679.99 at Best Buy

iPhone 14: was $729.99 now $679.99 at Best Buy
Best Buy has knocked a record-high £50 off the price of Apple's standard iPhone 14, but you'll have to activate the device today in order to qualify for the saving. What's more, we think this is only a deal worth considering if you desperately want the iPhone 14's satellite connectivity capabilities. If you're simply looking for a capable iPhone at a cut price, then the iPhone 13 (which is now discounted at Apple) is pretty much the same phone as the iPhone 14, but cheaper. Their designs are identical, their cameras are (almost) identical and their chipsets are separated by just one generation – which, in Apple terms, means next to nothing.

iPhone 14 Plus:$829.99$779.99 at Best Buy

iPhone 14 Plus: was $829.99 now $779.99 at Best Buy
Best Buy also has the larger iPhone 14 Plus available at a cut price right now, but again, you'll have to activate the device immediately in order to qualify for the saving. We're less critical of the iPhone 14 Plus given its mightily impressive battery credentials and gorgeous, Pro Max-sized screen, and there's also no iPhone 13 Plus to directly compare it to. You'll get the Dynamic Island and a 48MP camera from the more expensive iPhone 15 Plus, but if you can forgo those features, then the iPhone 14 Plus for $779.99 is a strong offer.

iPhone 14 Pro: $999now $899 at Walmart

iPhone 14 Pro: was $999 now $899 at Walmart
If you'd rather pay for the device in full, Walmart has both the silver and gold variants of the iPhone 14 Pro at just $899 right now, although you'll need to open up a plan with the retailer's exclusive carrier partner, Straight Talk, to benefit from the saving. Still, $899 is a better deal than you'll find anywhere else for the iPhone 14 Pro at present.

iPhone accessory deals

Mous: up to 70% off iPhone accessories
Mous cases feature prominently on our list of the

Mous: up to 70% off iPhone accessories
Mous cases feature prominently on our list of the best iPhone 15 cases, best iPhone 14 cases and best iPhone 13 cases, and the manufacturer is still offering up to 70% off as part of its post-Black Friday sale. Savings vary dramatically between models, but rest assured that almost every Mous case is available at a discount right now. Oh, and there are big savings to be taken advantage of on chargers, screen protectors and holders, too.

Casetify: 10% off all iPhone cases

Casetify: 10% off all iPhone cases
Casetify cases top our list of the best iPhone 15 cases for stand-out style, and the manufacturer is offering 10% off all iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max cases when you sign up to the Casetify mailing list (which is handy, because these are some pricey accessories). Don't have an iPhone 15? The 10% discount applies to all other cases, too.

Mujjo: up to 50% off iPhone accessories

Mujjo: up to 50% off iPhone accessories
Apple's leather iPhone accessories are stylish but pricey, so it's worth looking elsewhere for high-grade iPhone protection. Luxury case manufacturer Mujjo is currently offering up to 50% off its wide range of iPhone accessories, with savings to be taken advantage of right now on iPhone 13 cases, iPhone 12 cases, iPhone 11 cases, AirTag holders and touchscreen gloves.

Omoton iPhone stand: $17.99$8.79 at Amazon

Omoton iPhone stand: was $17.99 now $8.79 at Amazon
If you're keen to make your iPhone a more work-ready part of your desk setup, Omoton's aluminium iPhone stand is worth considering. It's on sale at Amazon for less than half price right now, and although we haven't tested this stand for ourselves, Amazon reviewers seem confident that it does a stellar job of supporting all smartphone sizes (right up to the iPhone 15 Pro Max).

iWalk magnetic iPhone stand: $19.99$13.99 at Amazon

iWalk magnetic iPhone stand: was $19.99 now $13.99 at Amazon
If you're willing to spend just a few more dollars, iWalk's iPhone stand is a little flashier than Omoton because it's a) magnetic, b) foldable and c) can be positioned horizontally (perfect for StandBy mode in iOS 17). To benefit from Amazon's 30% saving, you'll need to manually tick the coupon box.

Apple AirTag (single): $29$27 at Amazon

Apple AirTag (single): was $29 now $27 at Amazon
In today’s mile-a-minute world, it can be easy to lose track of the small things – and we mean that literally, as well as metaphorically. Apple’s AirTags are a great way to keep tabs on the whereabouts of your seemingly anthropomorphic keys, wallet, or suitcase, and Amazon has the single-pack at just $27 right now.

Apple AirTags (four-pack): $99$79.99 at Amazon

Apple AirTags (four-pack): was $99 now $79.99 at Amazon
If you're partial to losing multiple important things at any one time (and let's face it, who isn't?), Amazon continues to discount the Apple AirTags four-pack in the US. To get that $79.99 price, you'll have to manually apply Amazon's $6.89 coupon.

Apple USB-C to Lightning cable: $19$16.99 at Amazon

Apple USB-C to Lightning cable: was $19 now $16.99 at Amazon
It's always handy to have a spare iPhone charging cable in your work bag, and this particular model will let you juice up any iPhone released prior to the iPhone 15 using any USB-C power source. If you do own a USB-C-equipped iPhone 15, though, you can still use this cable to reverse charge any generation of AirPods whose charging case uses Lightning rather than USB-C, without needing to reach for a charger. Neat!

Apple woven USB-C to USB-C cable: $19$17 at Amazon

Apple woven USB-C to USB-C cable: was $19 now $17 at Amazon
We'll be the first to admit that $2 isn't exactly a saving worth shouting about, but Apple's (beautiful) woven USB-C cable has only just been released, and since we've included the previous-generation Lightning cable on this list, it's only fair that we include this one, too. This particular model is suitable for iPhone 15 owners, as well as those who use the latest iteration of Apple's AirPods Pro 2 earbuds (which come equipped with a USB-C charging case).

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