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Digg's native iPhone App arrives

Digg's new native iPhone app set to launch this week
Digg's new native iPhone app set to launch this week

[UPDATE - the new Digg app for iPhone is now available at the App Store]

Digg's highly anticipated native iPhone application is set to hit the Apple App Store at some point later today.

Mashable got the exclusive tip on the launch of the new Digg application for iPhone, which is sure to be a hugely popular news app for the hardcore news junkies amongst us.

Search, bury, comment

Digg's Kevin Rose first mentioned that they were planning an iPhone app late last year, with the new app supporting browsing popular, upcoming, and recent stories across topics and giving users the chance to dig and bury stories from within the app.

The app also offers users options for navigating comments and related stories.

Digg has offered an iPhone-optimised version of its site since 2007, so the app is sure to be a welcome addition to most Digg-er's iPhones

We'll be sure to keep an eye on the App Store for the new Digg app and let you know when it finally arrives.

Via Mashable