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Britain's broadband is 10 years old

UK broadband is ten this week
UK broadband is ten this week

Broadband celebrates its tenth birthday in Britain this week.

Britain's first broadband customer, single parent Mark Bush, was NTL's first customer for broadband testing back in March 2000 (NTL is now Virgin Media).

Prior to having broadband, Bush was spending £300 a month on a dial-up connection. Remember those?

Surfing the pipe

Mr Bush told BBC news: "It was pretty impressive in the early days, having the whole pipe to myself."

Mr Bush had set up a website about combat flight which soon developed into a flight simulation game with 1.2m visitors a month at its peak.

"When I first signed up I thought broadband would be something that would help with my gaming," said Mr Bush, but now he uses the computer to interact with his kids..

"Traditionally there would have been a generation gap - a 47 year old Dad would have little in common with a 17 year old son and 14 year old daughter," he said. "But we have the internet in common... without it I would probably see less of my kids."