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HP brings in former Intel exec to head PC unit


HP has recruited Stuart Pann, Intel's current VP/GM (Business Management Group), to head its massive PPS (Printing and Personal systems) group.

According to an email sent to Business Insider, one of the reasons he was brought onboard is because of his expertise in pricing strategy, one that apparently helped him contribute to significant revenue growth at Intel.

All about margins

Tightening in the supply chain combined with right pricing would decrease outgoings and increase intakes, which in turn would significantly improve margins.

The company's current operating margins have been stagnant for the last two years, at around 6.6%.

HP's PPS accounts for the majority of the company's revenue, bringing in nearly $28 billion (around £16.5 billion, AU$30 billion) for the first six months of 2014, three times the size of its enterprise unit.

HP is expected to make up to 50,000 employees redundant by the end of 2014, nearly twice what was announced in 2012.