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Dell income halved, but company upbeat

Dell - tough times
Dell - tough times

Dell has published its fourth quarter results, and despite an enormous cut in net income, the world's second largest computer manufacturer focused on 'solid operating results in the midst of a global downturn'.

A massive 48 per cent year-on-year decline in net income from $679million to $351million actually represented a slightly better than predicted result, with revenue down 16 per cent to $13billion on the same period a year ago.


"Customers know they need information technology, and we think we're best able to help them use IT to improve productivity," said Michael Dell, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

"But a lot of IT spending is being deferred until there's better economic visibility.

"Within our business, we're being very disciplined in managing costs, generating profitability and cash flow, and investing in ways that separate Dell from others today and when the economy inevitably improves."

Mr Dell added that a new focus on the customer and the prioritisation of five key areas – notebooks, enterprise technologies, consumers, small and medium businesses and emerging countries – was having an effect.

Via The Guardian / Dell