YouTube is celebrating its 10th birthday with a greatest hits package

YouTube office
YouTube: turning 10

YouTube is turning 10 round about now, depending on when you think its birthday should be - the first video was uploaded on 23 April 2005, for example, but the site didn't open its doors to beta testers until May of that year.

To celebrate reaching a decade of video streaming, YouTube is going to post a greatest hits package over the next 26 days, highlighting "some of the most memorable moments, from the silly to the profound" that have helped define the history of the site.

Keep your eyes on the YouTube Trends Blog where these memorable clips are going to be published starting today. Each day will use a different letter of the alphabet as a guide.

By the numbers

"10 years in, you continue to redefine how the world experiences music, entertainment, and news," enthuses YouTube's official anniversary blog post. "How the world laughs and how the world learns. How we shape political events and how we connect over the things we love."

We don't know which video clips YouTube is going to be picking out but we hope some of our favourites are included.

YouTube has come a long way since that first video went live: according to the company's official statistics, 300 hours of content are uploaded to the site every minute, and there are somewhere in the region of a billion users signed up for accounts.

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