Whitestone’s Dome Glass is the easy, premium way to protect your new Note 20

(Image credit: Whitestone Dome Glass)

Whether you just picked up one of the new Galaxy Note 20 models or are still thinking about it, you should absolutely be considering just how you’re going to protect that mammoth display on the phone. If you want protection that matches the premium quality of the phone itself, then you’ll want Whitestone’s new Dome Glass screen protector for the Note 20 series.

This is not some plastic screen protector that guards your screen from scratches and cracks only to mar your visual experience with all the scratches and wear they absorb themselves. Never mind the lackluster feel of plastic screen covers. No – Whitestone’s Dome Glass is a true 3D-curved glass screen protector that goes on easily thanks to Whitestone’s unique technology.

Whitestone’s Dome Glass screen covers go onto your phone using a UV application of liquid adhesive, called LOCA (Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive), which is officially patented in the United States. For the Galaxy Note 20, White Stone’s Dome Glass is the only glass screen protector of its kind officially approved by the Samsung Mobile Accessories Partnership Program (SMAPP). No other brands have the official DFS (Designed For Samsung) mark on the package. So, you can rest assured that this protector is cut out for the job.

(Image credit: Whitestone)

One of the best parts of Whitestone’s LOCA technology is just how easy it makes attaching the protector to your phone flawlessly. The liquid adhesive is poured onto the phone’s display, and then the screen protector presses down, spreading the adhesive out evenly and removing all air bubbles. Even if there are any minor cracks or scratches on your own screen, Dome glass LOCA technology liquid can fill them in and make them disappear once attached.

Whitestone includes a special kit of installation tray to make application of its Dome Glass even easier. No more fussing around with flimsy plastic films that you have to apply by hand only to realize you trapped a hundred bubbles under the film and managed to get your fingerprints on the underside of the film as well. The Whitestone Dome Glass installation tray also helps you with accurate glass alignment. You can see just how easy it is in this instruction video here.

(Image credit: Whitestone)

Once the display cover is on and the adhesive is spread, a UV light quickly cures the adhesive, bonding the display cover and the phone’s display itself together. That UV light is included and fits in with the special application kit, ensuring every step is easy and hassle-free. Whitestone also has a glass protector that can cover the camera lenses for the Note 20 series, helping keep one of the best parts of the phone protected.

Better still, this screen protector won’t get in the way of your Note 20’s fancy features. You can still enjoy the display with crystal clear optics, and you can still set up fingerprint unlocking. The Dome Glass even features a blue light filter that can help cut down on the troublesome spectrum without giving everything a yellow tint like many phones built-in blue light-reduction modes do.

The quality of the Dome Glass and the ease of application are just a part of what have made Whitestone a consistent best-selling brand for screen protectors on Amazon. So, if you want to snag a real glass screen protector that can still hug the 3D curved display of the Galaxy Note 20 series, check out Whitestone’s Dome Glass here.

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