WhatsApp Business app will finally be coming to Apple devices

The android version of the Whatsapp Business app came to India in January earlier this year, and now the company is working on an iOS version of the app for Apple smartphones. Nonetheless, WABetaInfo speculates that it will be a while before the final release since the app development is still in its initial stages. 

That’s mainly the reason why there isn’t a release date available or a even a tentative timeline. 

Considering that the WhatsApp Business app is originally on the Android platform, not all of its features will instantaneously be available on iOS as well. Reports show that the company is currently in the phase where they’re working implementing the ‘Greeting Message’ feature on iOS.

Greeting Message on WhatsApp Business

Greeting Message on WhatsApp Business

The Greeting Message feature is where the app sends an automatic message to new customers or to customers who’ve been inactive for a period longer than 14 days. 

Not to worry though, ultimately the iOS Business app will release with all the features encompassed in the Android version of the app. 

The significance of this app for India lies in the utility it provides for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The aim to enable enterprises to communicate with their customers and gain useful insight into their day-to-day operations. 

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