Gear VR will let you read your child a bedtime story from the other side of the world

Samsung Gear VR

One of the true wonders with virtual reality technology is its potential to connect you with those you love, no matter where you are on the planet.

Bedtime is soon to be influenced by virtual reality with the help of the Samsung Gear VR headset and a project called Bedtime VR Stories. It's in the testing phase right now but it will allow you to read stories to your child no matter how far apart you are.

The prototype project includes virtual worlds for you and your child to enjoy together; your child will hear your voice telling the story as they experience the adventure.

Change in storytelling

You'll need a Gear VR headset for the parent while the child can use a Google Cardboard and both of you will run the app from Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones. You'll both need headphones as well.

The first story is called the Most Wonderful Place to Be and lets you tell a tale across three different worlds.

First you'll visit the penguins of the Antarctic, then the dinosaurs of the prehistoric era. Then you'll go on a space journey with a musical robot for company.

Some parents can't always be in the same location as their children for bedtime, whether it's down to work or other commitments, but Samsung's VR project will one day mean you'll be able to take part in one of the most magical parts of being a parent from anywhere.

It's just in the testing stages right now though and you won't be able to take part until the project properly rolls out after the developer test is over.

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