Unlock the open-world beauty of Watch Dogs 2 on PC


After garnering near universal critical acclaim on consoles earlier this month, Watch Dogs 2 has finally arrived on PC packing a highly-detailed open-world recreation of San Francisco for players to explore and hack. 

The PC edition of Watch Dogs 2 sports an array of built-in technologies that take advantage of modern PC hardware, too. Next-gen visual features available on the PC version of the game include a whopping 19 graphics settings for you to tweak as well as advanced tech features like HBAO+, HFTS, PCSS and TXAA. 

Additional graphical features including support for NVIDIA Ansel are also coming soon. And if you’re playing the game on a GeForce GTX powered machine, you’ll also get support for DSR, GameStream, GeForce Experience Share, SLI and Surround. 

Of course, to really let Watch Dogs 2 on PC shine, you’ll want to ensure your hardware is up to the task of powering this gorgeous open-world sequel. A GeForce GTX 660 will meet the minimum requirements to run the game, while a GTX 780, GTX 970, or GTX 1060 are the officially recommended GPUs. An NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 will also enable you to enjoy the game in stunning 1920x1080. See this graphics and performance guide for more.

Watch Dogs 2 is now available to download on Steam. For a limited time, you can snag a free copy of the game on PC by upgrading your gaming setup with select GTX GPUs. Go here for more on that offer.

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