This could be the iPhone 8’s final form

We’re still months away from the iPhone 8’s likely launch in September, but there has been no shortage of leaks. However, we’ve also heard that Apple has been trying out a number of prototypes with different designs and features, so whether any given leak will represent the final phone has remained in question. That is, until now.

Five new images show us a mock-up of the iPhone 8 from a number of angles, but how these differ from previous images is that the source, supplying them to BGR, seems confident that they reflect the final design of the iPhone 8, as the device shown has apparently been built using finalized schematics that were leaked from the factories tasked with building the iPhone 8.

That said, these shots are largely in line with other recent image leaks, showing ever so slightly curved glass panels on the front and back, separated by a rounded metal frame.

Can't put our finger on it

The front seems to be all screen and there’s no fingerprint scanner on the back, which would be at odds with some leaks, except BGR notes that not all markings are present on the dummy unit, so it’s unclear whether the final model will have a scanner on the back, or, as other sources have suggested, built into the display.

There’s a vertically aligned dual-lens camera on the back, as has been rumored before. We don’t know for sure why Apple switched from the horizontal arrangement on the iPhone 7 Plus, but there’s speculation that it could be necessary to add rumored augmented reality features to the camera.

The button and port layout meanwhile looks much the same as it is on the iPhone 7, meaning, unsurprisingly, that there’s no 3.5mm headphone jack.

We’d still take these images with a pinch of salt, despite them supposedly being based on the final iPhone 8 design, and even assuming they’re accurate they don’t answer every question about the phone. But we expect we’ll see plenty more of it over the next few months.

James Rogerson

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