Your next Qantas flight could be a Game of Thrones marathon

Qantas adds HBO to in-flight entertainment

For the first time ever you may find yourself wishing that your international flight could be a little longer, with the announcement that Qantas will be screening HBO's best shows on flights from this month.

Qantas has announced it will be adding four new channels to its in-flight entertainment system, with one dedicated to HBO's uniquely addictive approach to television.

The lineup features current HBO programs like Game of Thrones, True Detective and Silicon Valley, as well as older shows like The Sopranos and Sex and the City for anyone who has some serious catching up to do.

The next episode

Qantas' HBO offering is due to a multi-channel deal the airline has struck with Foxtel, Australia's exclusive HBO reseller, which will see the three remaining new channels allocated to Entertainment by Foxtel, National Geographic and Lifestyle by Foxtel.

Qantas will be adding 20 hours of HBO programming to its in-flight entertainment every month, with 120 hours set to be rolled out in total.

So the next time you're being invited to disembark your flight, you may find yourself pleading with the airline staff: "Just one more episode, please?"