Six Nations rugby to be shown live in 3D

3D, bringing the rugby action closer
3D, bringing the rugby action closer

The UK will be play host to its first 3D sports event shown to the public this month, with England V Wales in the Six Nations chosen as the first three-dimensional game.

Shown in 3D-enabled cinemas up and down the country, the game is set to take place 6 February, with polarised cameras filming the live events and the footage being piped live to the big-screen.

This is another sporting first for the UK, which back in October saw its first ever national football game transmitted solely via the web.

3D this February

The match will be able to be watched in selected Odeon and CineWorld cinemas (40 in all) across the UK.

There will also be a 3D-enabled game to watch 27 February too, with the same thing happening to the England V Ireland match.

Again, it will only be in cinemas that you will be able to catch the action in 3D.

This year's CES played host to a wide range of 3D-Ready TVs, which should be winging their way to the UK come the summer.

Couple this with news that Sky is working hard to get its 3D channel up and running before the World Cup this June and it seems that the UK is slowly putting together the infrastructure needed to bring 3D to the masses.