Finlux 4K starts the Black Friday fun early

Finlux 4K

Finlux soft-launched its latest range of 4K Ultra HD TVs a short while ago, long enough that it's now able to get them into the big etailers, like Amazon and Ebay, with pretty hefty Black Friday discounts attached to them.

The big thing for Finlux's new panels is its first 4K curved screen. Now we're not hugely sold on the dubious benefits of the curve, but when it had a demo of Just Cause 3 running on an Nvidia-based PC at 1440p we started to see the promise for gamers at least.

Finlux with Just Cause 3

The new 55-inch Finlux 55UX3EC320S-T may not have the most accessible name, but with £200 being knocked off its original price it's actually starting to look like pretty good value at £800.

The likelihood of them returning to their original prices once the peak sales period at the end of the year has ended though is pretty slim. So don't feel like you need to rush into making a decision until you've seen a review from us.


The direct-lit LED backlighting and 4000:1 contrast ratio of the 55-inch curve are what separates it from the cheaper, edge-lit, flat-panel versions.

And while it may not have the smarts of the more expensive curves from Samsung and LG, it comes with 4K versions of Netflix and YouTube running natively on the system, all the four HDMI ports on the rear are second gen and come with HDCP 2.2 to allow Ultra HD inputs from the likes of the new Amazon TV.

Finlux 55-inch curve

That's a good job considering Finlux is unlikely to be able to offer firmware upgrades to add in a native Amazon Video app post launch. There's not the capacity in these more budget-oriented TVs to add to their smarts.

But all of its other new 4K screens - the 43, 49 and 55-inch flatscreen models - are also rocking the same internal components and connections, making them pretty decent options if you're happy to add in a set-top box like the Nvidia Shield or Amazon TV.

Budget 4K screens can be a risk though. We've played with some sub-£300 Ultra HD TVs recently, and while they can look fantastic running native 4K content, their upscaling deficiencies are really highlighted when you switch to the sort of standard or high-def content most of us watch on a daily basis.

Seeing the 55-inch Finlux upscaling Just Cause 3 without any noticeable motion issues has us thinking that maybe its engine might not fair too badly plugged into your ol' Virgin box.

We'll have review units in the labs very soon to check for sure, so stay tuned.